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What are Best Amazing Facts About Fortnite? 

With the new Battle Royale mode, fortnite is getting famous. In the game, 100 player hunt for each other or they build fortifications as well as hide themselves to become the last man standing. The game began as one developer said – “mix of Minecraft and left 4 dead” which today has become the greatest batter Royale arena. Players who have played this game and the beginners must read this post carefully as we will mention gaming facts and tips in this post. 


Here are hidden facts and tips about fortnite – 

You will land quicker if you fall in the sea – 

The fact is that glider opens up at specific height however only above the land. Fly out of an island then descent to reach a comfortable height and finally release the glider- gently dives to the land. It will help you collect the weapon and resource much faster. 

Your best friends are trees and roofs – 

Let the new player go down to the ground and enter via door- experienced fortnite fighter will fall either nearest to tree or house and will jump off to the ground and then to rood as well as punch their way inside along a pickax. Latter option is convenient in the attic, there are gold chests and cool loot, and hence with proper luck as well as skills, one can perfectly as well as immediately prepare to meet with the enemy. 

That strange blue circle is not a bug but useful feature – 

You might have observed that while you began crashing things there appear blue circles. You may have thought that it is a bug however it is blue circle is showing you that where you must hit to destroy things quicker. This is a very useful feature if you have just started playing the game. 

Do not fly far away from the main island – 

You can see that some or other person in the game try to fly to an island far away from the main one. These islands are just for decoration and if you try to reach them then you will fall down in the sea and will meet the death so quick. So, make sure you don’t fly away from the main island. 

Share your loot with the teammates or drop it – 

You can press ‘I’ or other buttons which appear in the right corner of a screen while you play and open up inventor, see stats of the weapon collected by you and then throw things which you don’t need or if you wish to support your partner. It is necessary that you share your loot if you want your team to win or else you weapon could become a nice bite for unsuspected players. 

The above facts and tips given by us will surely help you to win the fortnite if you combine it with your skills as well as abilities. For beginners, these tips and facts will be very useful so start playing this game, have fun and enjoy your victory. 


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