Want to Make Your Own Scrapbook? Here’s How to Begin!

Every special moment in our lives can only be cherished only through our memories. And one of the best ways to store these prized moments is by capturing them inside a lens. But sadly, in our busy, hectic lives, these photos too have taken a back step. They are either left forgotten in some old folder, on your PC’s memory drive or somewhere in a box. Well, not this time. Creating a scrapbook can be a great way to store your photographs. This way, your memories won’t just be handy and remembered, but they will also be decorated and crafted with love and care.

Let’s get going.

Scrapbook Collection

Start by collecting the design materials.

If this is the first time you are creating a scrapbook, then purchasing a scrapbooking kit is highly recommended. This kit includes patterned paper, ribbon, stencils, and word art. Other than this, you will also need an album, page protectors (to safeguard your photos from fingerprints), Pigma ink pen (as per the colors you like), glue, tape, scissors, etc. To add an extra touch of decoration, you can also purchase a scrapbook stamp.


Next, plan your layout

Before you start with all the arts and crafts, make sure your layout is prepared. Gather all your precious photographs you want for your scrapbook collections. While some pages of your scrapbook might only have one image, some pages might have a collage. For extra precision, you can also make a rough sketch about which photo will go where. Take a sheet and start drawing your layouts. This will include spaces where you want to include decoration or handwritten messages.


It is time to put the pages together

With all your preps in place now, you can start putting your pages together now. But before you begin, consider these precautions.

  1.     Don’t glue down your pictures unless you are not absolutely sure.
  2.     First, add pictures, only then begin with the other decorations and hand-written captions.
  3.     Depending on the theme of your scrapbook, make sure your decorations and captions are in place.
  4.     Lastly, use all the extra space for elegant decorations and designs such as prints, laces, etc.

See there? Creating your own scrapbook from scratch is not at all difficult. Just follow these basic steps, and we assure you, your coming scrapbooks will turn out to be total masterpieces!