Varieties Of Jute Rugs Available In The Market

The mats which are used most popularly globally are the jute rugs and its demand is increasing in the market day by day. Jute rugs come in verities of style, colors and ways that are very attractive. If you want to be eco-friendly, then a jute rug is the best choice that you can make. The benefits of jute rugs are that they are renewable, carbon-dioxide unbiased and biodegradable. Jute rugs are a kind of fiber that is abundant in nature. Jute is such a crop that requires less fertilizer and also pesticides, unlike cotton which needs more. As compared to cotton jute is much better. Jute rugs have certain advantages and certain disadvantages. And you should know that, plus it will clear your concept as to how these jute rugs can decorate your home and make it look superior compared to other carpets and rugs.

Hessian Woven Rug –

The jute rugs are the most durable ones when it comes to toughness. The fiber in this rug is very strong and includes the material like hessian, which makes it more unique. It is made from long vegetable fiber which is spun into the form of coarse strands. These jute rugs mostly come are handwoven, in which hessian is used including other plant fiber. Jute rugs are one of the best organic pieces of home décor. The furry carpets catch dust easily and also the stains are difficult to remove in it. Plus, washing a furry rug is a difficult task. But, the jute rugs are tough and cleaning it is also easy. Additionally, it comes in such a color that can conceal not only the dust which is on the rug but also the stains. But, it doesn’t mean that the jute rugs will become dirty, they are designed in such a fashion that it remains clean most of the time. It’s like you don’t have to waste your time behind it for cleaning. One stroke of brush and dusting is enough to clean it.

Varieties of Jute Rugs & Prices –

If you will go around in the market or will search online for jute rugs and when you will see the varieties, you will go mad. They come in so many shapes and designs, that you will not understand which one to pick for your home. You will end up buying jute rugs for every corner of your home. They come in a rectangular shape, circular shape (which is the best for placing it beneath the center table at your home), diamond shape, etc. And the jute rugs are not just plain-woven rugs which you must be thinking. They are designed with very intricate works of the hand. Each and every design is very apt and made in a beautiful way that you will end up admiring every corner of it. Zigzag designs, hexagon designs in a rectangle, etc. are some of the most demanded jute rugs which is available in the market. The prices of the jute rug may vary. But in all the jute rugs is an affordable piece of work which you can have for your home.