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Top Samsung tablets you can buy right now

Samsung tablets

Samsung offers some of the best kids tablets on the market. Among them are both premium and inexpensive, but good. This tablet rating will help you choose the most suitable one. It was compiled as a result of a careful study of current offers, our own tests and analysis of customer reviews. There were more than 50 applicants for inclusion in the TOP, but we selected only the most interesting and reliable ones with good characteristics.

Samsung is positioning itself as a manufacturer of affordable digital technology. Despite this, in its assortment there are not only inexpensive tablets, but also models of the middle price range, as well as premium products. Thus, it provides freedom of choice to every customer.

A characteristic difference between the company and the reason that its tablets are some of the best on the market is the lack of a rigid price binding to the characteristics of devices. Of course, the parameters of smart gadgets for home are less bright, but still quite decent. So, in the manufacturer’s assortment you can find several series of tablets:


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T385 16Gb

The Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T385 has good performance with a 4-core processor, fresh Android and 2 GB of RAM. This model is of particular interest to those who have children, since there is a special mode and an automatic shutdown timer. The tablet turned out to be very useful and proved to be excellent on the road, providing free access to the Internet via 3G and 4G. The product cannot boast the quality of a front camera with 8 megapixels, but the manufacturer took a step by the horse and added autofocus.

The device copes well with the functions of a cell phone, and there are connectors for a SIM card, but still, according to reviews, it’s not so convenient in the hand, and it has a custom case, metal is used here. The battery, on average, holds 10 hours with the declared 14, but for a capacity of 5000 mAh this is an excellent result.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 SM-T719 LTE ​​32Gb

Among the inexpensive, but good Samsung tablets, this model stands out for its comfortable shape with smooth edges. Despite the small diagonal, due to the elongation of the screen in width, it is convenient to surf the Internet, play, listen to music and even watch movies. Moreover, this happens with comfort due to the high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The device lies well in the hand due to the ultra-slim body and a weight of 268 g, which is very important, because it can also be used as a phone thanks to the SIM card slot.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 SM-T820 Wi-Fi 32Gb

This nominee was included in the ranking of the best Samsung tablets without much thought. The gadget found a response among fans of photo sessions, and after testing, we realized why it is so popular with them – the pictures are not blurry, bright, juicy, including indoors. This can explain the camera at 13 megapixels. with autofocus and flash. The “Front Line” is also decent, the Skype connection turned out to be almost perfect. The picture at 8 megapixels is excellent, the speakers did not disappoint, the volume is good.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T580 16Gb

The TAB A range of tablets includes affordable models, that is, devices that attract with their price / quality ratio. Compared with the previous unit, this device is less modern, but still pleases with good characteristics. 16 GB of memory is available for storing files, but if this is not enough, you can always insert a card, however, its limitations are of the microSDXC type. Functionality, according to tests, is not bad here, while Android is not the latest – the sixth version. Users particularly note the speed of response to commands, which, in particular, provides an 8-core processor.

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