Top 4 Website Builders for Small Startups & Businesses

The people are creating websites without having any issues regarding the scripting of the site or any other problem like this. It is because of the websites became easy to be built and web hosting companies, especially those are among the top web hosts reviews presented by BigOfficer, are providing the easy to use web builders to the customers to make the work easy for them.

The drag & drop web builders are more accessible for the customers’ use, and the customers can create an attractive website without knowing the programming languages, etc. Small businesses mostly use these tools because it is easy for them to manage. The top web builders for small enterprises are enlisted below.

WordPress Web Builder

WordPress is one the top and most easy tools to use for the web designing and website creation. It is a well-known web tool that can be used to create any kind of website, i.e. portfolio website, blog, e-commerce website, etc. WordPress provides different plugins that can be used for the development of sites easily. Most of the web hosting companies offer the WordPress web builder for the customers and one-click WordPress installer. WordPress also offers the plugins to increase the performance and better digital marketing of the website.

Wix Web Builder

Wix is another emerging web building tool that provides web creation and designing services through drag/drop features. You can use thousands of Wix templates to make the website more attractive and interactive for visitors. You can also create e-commerce websites on the Wix easily by using the theme collection of the web builder. Wix ADI that stands for Wix Artificial Design Intelligence provides the first version of the website automatically to give a rough idea about the theme to the user, and it helps a lot.

Shopify Web Builder

Shopify is one of the most famous web building tools and known as the best web builder for the website of your small business. It is more useful for people who want to run an e-commerce business or online store on the Internet. It is powering more 500,000 businesses and has more than one million users because of their reliable and easy to use web building services. You will get more than 100 themes of the different niche before you start designing your website. These templates will be helpful for the attractive design of the site.

Weebly Web Builder

Weebly is also a famous web building tool for the people who want to design and create the website without knowing regarding PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. The pricing of Weebly is a little higher, but it provides the most attractive templates for your website and the most accessible tool for the creation of your website. You can create your website through drag & drop feature, dozens of mobile responsive and desktop interactive templates for your site. You can also promote your website using Weebly through Google ads.

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