Top 10 universe versions of Marvel superheroes

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Back to the storyline of SUPERHEROES COMICS, in the past, there were many times the heroes of the Marvel universe gained power from outside the Earth and became more powerful.  Let’s take a look at 10 times the divine power of Spider-Man and the familiar Marvel superheroes.

  1. Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider is originally Punisher, after possessing the power of Ghost Rider combined with Power Cosmic from Galactus.

The story takes place in the future in another universe, when Punisher Frank Castle must go to Hell after death.  He made a deal with Mephisto to become Ghost Rider, then went on to become the new messenger of the Galactus planet-eating entity to obtain the Power Cosmic power equivalent to the Silver Surfer.  Rider works side by side with Galactus until the day they encounter an old Thanos, who takes down Galactus and makes Rider his right hand man.

After witnessing the bad things Thanos did, Cosmic Ghost Rider decided to go back to the past to kidnap Thanos when he was a newborn to take to re-education.  This action was met with opposition from future superheroes, but then Rider realized it was true, and brought back Thanos in the past and traveled to the Marvel Universe.

  1. Captain Universe Spider-Man

Captain Universe Spider-Man (middle), the Spider-Man version possessing the Enigma Force power of Captain Universe.

In the past, Spider-Man possessed the Enigma Force of Captain Universe for a long time.  It all started when Peter Parker was shot by another cosmic energy detector at Empire University, when he was working with a doctor to complete the machine.

This makes Spider-Man gradually possess extraordinary abilities, such as creating a giant hand from a silk machine, or firing energy rays from the fingertips, as well as Spider-Sense.  .  Later, Spider-Man’s cosmic energy was revealed to be the Enigma Force of Captain Universe, dubbed the guardian of the Marvel universe.  After that, Spider-Man lost this power.

In another universe, there was a version of Peter Parker who decided to retain the divine Enigma Force and then became one of the most powerful Spider-Man versions in the Marvel Universe.

  1. Immortal Hulk, Breaker of Worlds

The Hulk destroys the entire universe to become the Breaker of Worlds, the “new Galactus” in the future.

Recently, Marvel has introduced a Hulk version from far away when the universe is on the verge of destruction.  Not only immortal, he also possesses superior strength after destroying a series of powerful characters like Franklin Richards or Galactus to become the last inhabitants of the universe.

Afterwards, the Hulk swallowed the embodiment of the Marvel Multiverse, Sentience of the Cosmos, and became a “Galactus” of a new Multiverse with the name Breaker of Worlds and a giant body more than a planet.  However, the truth is revealed that Breaker of Worlds is just the empty cover of hatred of the entity The One Below All, the ruler of Marvel’s Supreme Hell, and also a tool that he takes advantage of.  to become the strongest in reality.

  1. Cosmic Wolverine

In Uncanny X-Men Annual # 11, an alien mutant named Horde stabbed a spear through Wolverine;  then he decided to hook Logan’s heart to finish him off.  Luckily, a drop of Logan’s bloodshot into the magic crystal called the Crystal of Ultimate Vision behind.  In just the blink of an eye, from a drop of blood, his body was completely regenerated.

Later, Logan realized that he had the creative power like God, he felt everything in the universe, but he decided that he was neither God nor worthy of the gift.  In the end, Wolverine decided to destroy the crystal shortly thereafter.

  1. Daredevil, The God without Fear

In the history of Marvel comics, the blind knight Daredevil has been dubbed “The Man Without Fear.”  (roughly translated: a man without fear).  During the War of the Realms not long ago, Heimdall gave Daredevil the Hofund sword, turning the blind knight into “God without Fear”, with ears that could hear everything across the Ten Worlds in the universe.  Marvel towers, along with Radar-Sense have been multiplied.

With this sword, God without Fear became a key player in the movement and evacuation of the population during the event.  Not only that, Daredevil also possesses super powers when he can punch Kingpin through a building.  In addition to Hofund, “God without Fear” Daredevil also possesses shuriken made from the fragments of the Bifrost, helping to attack the Dark Star army with Asgard’s magic.


  1. Superior Spider-Man with Power Cosmic

In the Superior Spider-Man series not long ago, former Doctor Octopus and also Superior Spider-Man Otto Octavius ​​faced an enemy from the universe: Galactus’s former envoy, Terrax the Tamer.  Terrax easily defeated Otto, but fortunately, Superior Spider-Man found a way to possess the Power Cosmic power with the help of his former lover Anna Maria.

While fighting Terrax, Superior Spider-Man asked Anna to finish a machine similar to the device that Doctor Doom used to steal the power of the Silver Surfer in the past.  Thanks to this machine, Superior Spider-Man has absorbed the power from Terrax & become a new Cosmic Spider-Man.

  1. Dark Phoenix Cyclops

During the Avengers vs. Events  X-Men, Iron Man used the Phoenix-Buster armour, causing the Phoenix Force to split into five pieces, which then selected the five hosts as mutants Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik and Namor.

After the defeat of Colossus, Magik and Namor, Cyclops decided to take Emma’s Phoenix power and kill Professor X, becoming the new Dark Phoenix.  When Cyclops became Dark Phoenix, he caused a series of natural disasters worldwide, including rains of fire falling from the sky.

  1. Phoenix Wolverine

In the distant future, seemingly destroyed by the Phoenix Force, this entity arose again and turned Wolverine into its new host.  According to the Phoenix Wolverine, he traveled across the universe, destroyed planets, burned black holes.  After Thor offered to invite Wolverine back to Earth to save the universe, but it seemed that Wolverine did not agree.  The two rushed at each other with horrific attacks.

But in the end, the Phoenix Wolverine still sacrificed to cede the Phoenix Force to Thor – so that the Thunder God could defeat Dr.  Doom – this time possesses the power of the Ultimate Witch, Iron Fist, Starbrand and even Ghost Rider.  In addition to the power of the Phoenix Force, Logan also possesses a time cane that allows him to travel time as he wishes.

  1. Deadpool, Galactus’s messenger

It all started when the economic crisis broke out, Deadpool was no longer a penny.  After contacting the super criminals to get a job, he suddenly saw a recruiting piece online, candidates only need to say the word CARD to be interviewed by the employer to interview.  What must have happened, Deadpool followed and was suddenly pulled into space to meet Galactus.


Later, Deadpool was immediately accepted to work by Galactus and gave him the Power Cosmic power and a new hard skateboard with modern engines, so that Wade Wilson could become the new messenger of the planet eater.  Deadpool did a good job as a messenger, but he babbled so much that it was annoying and this made Galactus angry, so he sent him away.  Deadpool got tired and decided to quit his job and give the skateboard back to Silver Surfer.

  1. Spider-Man with the power of the Beyonder

In Spider-Man & Secret Wars, a comic strip that recounts the events of the past Secret Wars event, it is revealed that before Doctor Doom possessed the Beyonder’s enormous power, the entity could destroy most of them.  universe at a glance, it was once of Wolverine, who passed on to Spider-Man shortly thereafter.

In a brief moment lasting about a billionth of a second, Spider-Man possesses the power of Beyonder & recreates reality as he wishes.  He can revive Uncle Ben as easily as possible, turning Doctor Octopus into bonsai pots, defeating a series of super-criminals, including the powerful Molecule Man and Galactus.  Doctor Doom later acquired this power and the reality that Spider-Man created became a fleeting moment in the universe.

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