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The Most Popular Italian Foods

When you envision traditional Italian food, most of what comes to mind is pizzas, pasta, and aromatic sauces. Food is one of the most beloved things in Italy. However, there is a lot more to Italian cuisine than just pasta and pizza. To keep you well informed, here are the most popular Italian dishes:


Of course, Italian food would not be Italian food if pizza was not on the menu. There are many different varieties of pizza, but if you want to truly eat pizza like an Italian, you should go for Neapolitan-style pizza or Roman-style pizza. Neapolitan-style pizza is typically characterized by a thick and fluffy crust and is usually smaller in diameter while Roman-style pizza is usually made with a paper-thin crust that offers a crunch when eaten.


Lasagne is typically baked in the oven and consists of several layers of pasta, tomato sauce, meat or veggies, and cheese. There are many different varieties of Lasagne each differing based on the region as well as the cook’s recipe.


If you are going to feast on Italian dishes, then you must include pasta on the line-up. Pasta types vary considerably depending on the region of Italy they come from. If you plan on enjoying the best pasta in Edmonton, you should do it from a well rated Italian restaurant like Vaticano Cucina restaurant in Edmonton. Visit the website for more info.


Arancini is an Italian favourite and it consists of rice that has been stuffed before being coated with breadcrumbs and fried. Arancini can be stuffed using an array of ingredients but most stuffing typically includes tomato sauce, peas, mozzarella, and ragu. There are many different variations of arancini including regional specialties that are made using fillings that are specific to that region.

Osso Buco Alla Milanese

Osso Buco refers to veal shanks that have been cooked slowly in white wine before being served with a side of veggies or pasta. Although the veggies and ingredients used to make Osso Buco are what makes the meal, the best part is when you get to scoop out the marrow available in the bones of the veal.


Prosciutto is an Italian class that refers to ham that has been dried and cured. Prosciutto is generally served uncooked and sliced thinly. The world’s best Prosciutto originates from the Central and Northern parts of Italy. Light and savoury, Prosciutto is usually served wrapped around fruits like melons or cheese or alongside pasta.

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