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The Best Diagnostic Software for Computer Repairs

Dealing with computer repairs requires a lot of tools and software. Everything from recovering a deleted file to checking for bad sectors to getting a fine reading on power consumption can be required for fixing up computers, which is why it is important to be armed with the best software for the job. Keeping in mind the needs that many computer repair technicians have, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best diagnostic tools that can help you with your computer repairs.


Starting off right with the most important component, CPU-Z is a lightweight utility that displays detailed information about your processor, motherboard and RAM. The software launches almost instantly to show results such as CPU make, code name, cache, memory, and tons more. It can check for the necessary driver updates, and allows you to export all information into either a text or HTML file. Very handy for getting detailed stats on your system’s components.


Similar in vein to its CPU counterpart, GPU-Z displays a host of information about your graphics chip. You’ll be able to identify key specs such as the GPU name, subvendor, memory type, clock speed, bandwidth, and the driver version currently installed. You’ve got the option to view the GPU stats of multiple cards, and take snapshots of the information to store on your system. Great for running diagnostics on the performance of your graphics card and its many capabilities, and an overall important computer repair software.

Core Temp

Measuring thermals for a computer can be a great source of figuring out if everything is working accordingly within your system. Core Temp is a software that helps with just that. It monitors and displays the temperatures for your CPU on a much finer detail. Taking core temperatures and power consumption and displaying it in a neat and clean interface, Core Temp proves very useful in figuring out how much load your CPU is taking on in terms of heat, and whether your thermal solutions are adequate enough for optimum performance. A surprisingly useful diagnostics tool and computer repair software that gives a lot of useful information.

Process Explorer

A classic when it comes to identifying software processes operating on your system. Process Explorer is an advanced software that gives a lot of details on the current processes being run, including identifying associated DLL files and handles, a process tree that highlights all files under use by a particular process, real-time graphs of CPU, memory and I/O usage, etc. While not a conventional computer repair software, the diagnostic capabilities of Process Explorer really help in tracking down the files currently in use by your operating system so that you can check if the system is running as it should be.


Of course, repairing and updating drivers is also a task that often comes up in computer repairing. Software like DriverMax make sure that your computer is up to date with the latest drivers that resolve compatibility issues or harness your components to their full potential. This also ensures that the latest security updates are installed on your system to prevent any threats that your system might be exposed to. The diagnostic software comes in both free and premium flavors to optimize your system to the max.


Managing your repair is just as important as any repair you’ll be performing on computers, and RepairDesk helps you with just that. RepairDesk brings a powerful computer repair management to your entire repair setup by allowing you to schedule tasks, catalog diagnostic notes, and process repairs easily. It’s also got great inventory management and POS capabilities that bring a great amount of control to your repair business setup. This computer repair software comes with a trial period and a subscription model that can give you a great way to streamline your repairs across the board.


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