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Splatter Guards – Frying Pan Splatter Screens and Shields

Frying Pan Splatter

No matter how hard you try, cooking certain foods will always be a messy job, splashing and splattering your stovetop and counters and leaving you with a mess to clean up afterwards. Frying anything in a frying pan is guaranteed to splatter oil eveywhere, likewise cooking up pasta sauce and the mess is a pain to clean. Worst of all, it’s unnecessary mess, because you can buy a simple splatter screen and never have to worry about it again!

Frying pan splatter screens and cooking splatter guards are designed to fit over or around your frying pan or cooking pot to keep the grease where it belongs – in the pan! Frying potatoes, sausages, eggs, bacon etc. causes the fat to spit out over the pan leaving you with an unsightly fine spray of fat, oil and grease on your stove, but with a splatter screen frying pan cover, protect your stove and your clothes from getting splashed.

There are several different types of splatter guards on the market giving your the chance to choose the one which matches your own style and home decor. Choose from round, square, dome shaped, folding handle, metal, chrome and more. The choice is varied but the principle remains the same, which you choose will best suit your cooking style and the type of cookware you are most likely to use it with.

Regular round splatter screens are inexpensive but in smaller kitchens the long handle can make them somewhat difficult to store. Cooking splatter screens with folding handles are a little more expensive but are much easier to stow away in a drawer or cupboard in even the smallest kitchen. A further alternative is to go with an all in one universal splatter screen for cooking which are designed to save space with a folding handle and by combining three sizes of splatter blocking utensil into one handy guard which makes them easier to store and easier to find later.

You can also buy microwave covers to prevent food splattering everywhere in the microwave oven. These are much easier to clean up, especially since most as dishwasher friendly, than having to clean out the microwave all the time.

Round Splatter Screens For Frying Pans and Regular Saucepans

Most of the cooking people do is in a regular round frying pan or saucepan so it makes sense to buy a circular splatter guard too. Round splash screens come in a variety of sizes to fit different sizes to fit the various different diameters. Since you will undoubtedly have different sized frying pans, saucepans etc. it makes sense to buy both small and large sized splatter guards too and thankfully many stores sell them as sets so you can buy a selection to suit all different requirements.

Regular round frying pan, wok and saucepan splatter covers come in a variety of sizes but also styles too. There are three main things to look for however: standing feet, folding handles and your choice between metal mesh or silicone. Each is featured below with top rated buying choices as rated by real owners.

Folding Handle Splatter Screens

A Round frying pan splatter screen with a collapsing handle folds in half and is much, much easier to stow away in a kitchen drawer or cabinet when it is not required for use. Whilst this may not seem like a big deal on smaller covers, the extra space taken up by seval inches of handle on a large 20″ splatter screen can be quite significant. In my opinion, all guards like these should come with folding handles as it makes them so much easier to put away in a kitchen of any size.

Splatter Screen Sets

Unless you are a really minimalist cook, the chances are you have lots of different pots, stone frying pans, skillets, perhaps a wok or two etc. which all would benefit from a splatter screen but are all different sizes. Whilst some people are happy with using one large splatter cover for all their cooking needs regardless of how ungainly and unstable it is on the smaller pans, other would rather go with the convenience of using something of the right size for each cooking pan. A set of splatter screens can save your money when you buy multiple sizes all at once and they’ll all match if you buy them all at one time. A alternative is to go with one of the multiple size screens for oil splatter which are designed to fit snugly over multiple sized pans without the instability of using cover which is too big for the task at hand.

Square Splatter Screens For Cooking

A regular oil splash cover is typically round because saucepa,ds cooking pots and frying pans are themselves generally circular in shape. If, however, you are cooking with a square grill pan, or a square skillet, panini pan etc. then you are better off with a square splatter screen to prevent oil and grease splashing everywhere.

Square mesh covers allow you to still see inside the pan so you can check the status of your simmering sauces whilst protecting your stovetop, counters and clothing from splashing and spattering oil, grease and sauces.

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