What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice used by almost all business owners, To increase traffic on their website or page. Nowadays, everyone is aware of the term SEO. But sadly, in modern times, people still do not know how to use SEO effectively. Still, people use old practices that were used back in time. Now that time has evolved, so did the techniques and strategies regarding SEO. 

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a common practice to increase website traffic most efficiently gradually. However, you can boost your website traffic with the right strategies and techniques. 

SEO enables the audience to reach out to your website just in time. Search engines act as an answering machine making your content visible to the audience. Determined to answer all the inquiries that a searcher is looking for. 

There are millions of websites already out there on google. On the other hand, thousands of sites are lining up daily. The real deal is, what do I do to make my website climb up to the top? In this case, SEO comes to the rescue with its advanced strategies and practices. 

SEO works like a miracle when it comes to boosting the traffic of your website. The right and efficient way to make your website noticeable is by precisely doing SEO. 

However, you will come across many competitors online who are trying to get their website rank on Google’s first page just like you. By correctly doing SEO, you can get to the point where your website will be ranked on google’s first page.

 To make things go in your planned way, you need to know how SEO works efficiently? For this purpose, I have written detailed information which will come in handy for sure. 

How Does SEO Works?

 As we have discussed earlier search engine works as answer machines to the searcher. They are determined to satisfy the searcher with relevant information in the most helpful way possible. 

However, SEO is not a type of deal; you sit back and wait for the traffic to boost on its own. You have to make an effort so that your website could rank on Google’s first page. For this purpose, you need to have full knowledge about how SEO works.

SEO work on these three main factors:

  • Web Crawling 
  • Indexing 
  • Ranking 

What Is Web Crawling In SEO?

Crawling is a locating process, where search engines send robots, which does the job of internet spiders or crawlers. Don’t worry; these spiders are not as terrifying as the ones we see. These are internet spiders sent by search engines on a hunt for finding new and advanced content. 

Although content could be in various shapes, it could appear as an image, video, PDF, or webpage. However, content is often located by links or URLs. These web crawlers extricate links by downloading web pages to come across additional pages. 

Once the search engine has determined its web pages, they periodically crawl unto those pages. To detect any changes has made to that specific page s’ content compared to the last time they crawled it. However, if the web crawlers have seen changes, they will immediately update their index. 

How Do Google bots (Crawlers) Work? 

However, to discover new webpages or updated content search engines use their web crawlers. Web crawlers need first to download the robots.txt file to crawl through pages. This robot.txt files all the web crawlers’ rules and regulations about whether pages search engines should crawl or not. 

The pages that do modify daily crawled more often compared to those who make changes less often. The search engine web crawlers do that because they have their own algorithm rules and regulation. To decide how frequently a page should be re-crawled within a matter of time. Also, to determine how many pages of a website should be indexed. 

What Is Search Engine Indexing? 

Once you have to make sure your page has been crawled by search engine crawlers, now what? The next step is to make sure it is indexed. Yes, you read that right; just because search engine spiders crawl your website doesn’t mean your page has a record in their index.

Indexing is a process of arranging information by the search engine to respond to the searcher quickly. However, going through separate pages to collect information about a specific topic can be time-consuming for search engines. Therefore search engine and Google itself use a reverse index. 

Now that the search engine has crawled through your page, it examines the content of that page. However, all the content published on your page is now successfully stored in the index.

In the pre-internet days, we used to consult an encyclopedia to retrieve information about the world. Also, when we used to go through yellow pages to find the number of an electrician. Those were the days where we used to have patience.

 With the revolutionized search engine, we can get answers to all of the questions within seconds. The search engine has made questions answerable with its advanced features and techniques. 

Is Ranking Essential For SEO?

Ranking plays a crucial part when it comes to the search engine. The ranking of a website determines your website’s position or page at the top of the search page. The ranking of your website depends on numerous factors, such as the influence of SEO and ads’ purchase. 

Ranking at the top of the first search page can immensely grow the traffic of your website. A successful ranking in search engines refers to the URL mark, which occurs on the first result page. 

How Does Ranking Works In Search Engine?

Web pages or websites which tend to rank well will appear at the top of the first search page. However, it will result in boosting your website traffic. Your website or web page will become more noticeable to a targeted audience. Apart from this, the websites which tend to rank poorly will result at the bottom of the page—making it less noticeable to the audience. 

However, if you want your website at the top of the first page, you need to keep certain things in mind:

  • A Well Written Content: A content that will make your audience stick to your website is crucial. It will surely boost your website or web page traffic in no time. Engage your time in preparing great content to impress the audience. 
  • Informative Knowledge: Google looks for content that will help searchers in every possible way. So writing content filled with helpful stuff might increase the chance of ranking on Google s’ first page. 

However, the search engine uses a different algorithm to determine a website or web page’s ranking. However, this algorithm or process keeps on changing over time. The reason for that is Google is determined to improve the quality of search results. Therefore you need to be up to date on all the updates Google does. 

What We Offer You?

Were you wondering what the best place for SEO is? Don’t you guys worry; you have come to the right place. However, we are determined to offer you the best SEO services, To boost traffic on your website or web page. We are using advanced and updated techniques. We have helped thousands of people all are satisfied with their outcome.

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