Stuff Your Heart with Tranquility & Romance Because Sikkim Is Honeymooners Nirvana

Are you still not sure why you should pay a visit to the Sikkim at least once in your life? In this article, you will bookmark five reasons that make Sikkim the crowned jewel of hill stations in North India. Sikkim is nestled in north India and is bordered by Bhutan, Nepal.

Some of the areas in Sikkim required special permission to enter, but as you all know, gorgeous and wonderful things are demanding, the same goes with the Sikkim. Enveloped with lush greenery, wildlife sanctuaries, pristine lakes, towering mountains, mouth-watering food and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, Sikkim is a nature’s nirvana for honeymoon couples.

Now if you have been persuaded already, be sure to check bookmark Sikkim honeymoon package this year. And if you have already been to Sikkim, scroll our other travel articles and paint your honeymoon canvas!

Glorious Mountains –

The gorgeous mountains in Sikkim are the call to action reason to make Sikkim your honeymoon base camp. Sikkim mountains are much more glorious than Swiss Alps since Sikkim is a gate to heaven to witness the clear views of the mighty Himalayas.

You must visit Sikkim and perform snowboarding in the snow to savoir the real mountain adventure without going to the Swiss Alps. Guess what’s more? The 3rd listed mountain which is the highest in the world is nestled in Sikkim – Kanchenjunga.

Pristine Lakes

Sikkim has lakes in abundance which are pristine to visit with your sweetheart. There are a lot of popular and off the beaten lakes that demands a serious exploration if you want to witness the best of nature’s beauty. Lake like Tsomgo Lake offer exciting bird watching opportunities.

While other lakes like Menmecho Lake, Gurudongmar Lake remains frozen in the winters and offers a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere to spend some time in the lap of nature.

Shop Til You Drop

Famous for its Thangka paintings that depict the Buddhist life, and traditional formal silk dresses, array of stylish clothes and handmade shoes, Sikkim tour is incomplete without purchasing the fluttering flags which are easily located at the waterfalls and mountains. All you need to do is to take a stroll down the MG Road and shop till you drop.

Mouth-Watering Food

Filled with ingredients like noodles, chicken veggies and local flavor, the food of Sikkim is among st the most talked-about reasons to visit Sikkim. Form lip-smacking momos to flavoursome Thupkas, from delving into traditional Churpi soup to gorging on the yak cheese, you must stumble upon the local restaurants in Sikkim to taste the flavoursome local Sikkemse food!

For Unlocking Peace & Serenity

Known for its least population, Sikkim is one of the cleanest destination’s honeymooners should explore to episode the virgin natural beauty to its fullest. The place has some of the best meditation spots like Rumtek Monastery, which houses a school that teaches the lessons on Tibetian-Buddhist teachings.

Are there other reasons to visit Sikkim I have missed? Tell me in the comments!

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