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Recoverit Photo Recovery, a User-Friendly and Feature-Rich Deleted Photo Recovery Software 

Limited space and unnecessary junk forces people to get rid of pictures stored in their PCs, smartphones, and external storage devices. Users sometimes delete pictures which are precious and contain memories of special moments. Most of us realize that we have deleted something precious and regret that decision. 

It is not the time to regret. It is the time to retrieve those deleted photographs. The Recoverit Photo Recovery software has made it possible to recover each deleted picture. It is a wonderful tool available in the market with both free and premium versions. Let’s explore more about this amazing photo recovery software to know how effective it is. 

How to use Recoverit Photo Recovery software to retrieve deleted pictures?

This deleted photo recovery tool works exceptionally well to retrieve deleted images from the PC, external devices, and formatted disks. This is how it works:

Retrieving deleted pictures from the computer’s hard disk:

First, you must download and install this software on your PC. Now launch and then follow the given steps to know how to get deleted photos back

  • Launch the Recoverit Photo Recovery software on your PC.
  • You will see all the drives and other devices connected to your PC. 
  • You have to select the location of lost data (hard disk drive on your PC) and then click the “Start” button to proceed ahead. 

Now this image recovery tool will start scanning the selected drive to find deleted pictures. It will quickly scan and find the deleted pictures. In case it still does not find the lost pictures, you can select “All-Around Recovery” to run a deeper scan. 

  • All the deleted pictures will be available to preview. Check and select pictures you want to retrieve and then click on the “Recover” option. 

Recovering deleted pictures from the external device:

Follow these simple steps to recover deleted photos from an external device like your digital camera, SD card or camcorder. 

  • Launch the tool and then click on “External Device”. 
  • Connect that external device to your PC. It can be anything like a digital camera, SD card, memory card, iPod, or any other device. 
  • Now find that external device and select it and then click the “Start” button. 

The RecoverIt digital image recovery software will quickly scan that external device to find all the deleted pictures on the targeted external device. Preview all the deleted images and then select images you want to retrieve. 

  • Click on the “Recover” option to retrieve deleted images. 

Recovering deleted pictures from a formatted hard drive:

Launch the Recoverit Photo Recovery software on your PC and then follow the given steps:

  • Click the “Formatted hard drive” option on the tool. 
  • Now find that formatted disk on your PC’s hard disk or formatted external storage device to scan deleted photos and then click “Start” button. 
  • Scan that formatted disk to find all the deleted pictures. 
  • Preview the deleted pictures and select pictures for image retrieval. 
  • Click “Recover” option to retrieve all the selected photos. 

The all-around recovery option will work in all three recovery conditions. So, whenever you cannot find a deleted photo, simply select “All-Around Recovery” to find deleted images on the targeted device. The Recoverit photo restoration software will extract all those deleted pictures and recover them quickly. 

Why the Recoverit Photo Recovery Software is better than other tools?

You must agree that the Recoverit Photo Recovery software is very user-friendly after checking how to recover deleted pictures by using this software. It is not the only feature that makes it a wonderful deleted photo recovery tool. Some more features make an amazing choice, which are as follows:

  • The statics reveal this tool has the best recovery rate in comparison to other popular tools. The users have shared positive reviews about the Recoverit Photo Recovery software, explaining how it helps in several picture loss scenarios. 
  • This tool is capable of retrieving all types of pictures from any device. It recovers JPG, PSD, AVI, MP4, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and several other types of images quickly. 
  • When you try to retrieve deleted photos by using this tool, it scans very fast and finds all your lost data. It might take some time in All-Around Recovery, but that will happen because this tool performs a deep scan to find all the deleted files.
  • It is a beginner friendly photo recovery tool with a simple user interface and functions. 
  • Its multichannel customer support makes it easier for the user to contact the support team if he faces any problem. 

Final thoughts:

You will come across many deleted file recovery tools, but none of them offers as effective support as Recoverit Photo Recovery software. It allows you to retrieve 10 pictures for free. So, you can use it for free if you are not willing to retrieve a huge bunch of images at once. 


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