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Prepac Floating Desk with Storage

Prepac Floating Desk

In some homes (especially flats) you may find you do not have enough space for a normal desk and that is where the floating option comes in. Obviously, this is not the best product for serious gamers but it can work if you have no choice. The idea is simple, rather than install a desk you just fix the floating desk to the wall enabling you to have enough room to setup your PC. Keep reading our Prepac Floating Desk with Storage review to learn more about this popular product.

Styling and Features

As you can see this will work for those with limited space as this compact unit can be fastened to the wall and takes up minimal space. There are some shelves provided which can easily accommodate speakers and other peripherals. The unit is currently available in three different colors – Black – Brown (Espresso) – White making it simple to choose a color that should blend in with the rest of your furnishings. To prevent a wiring nightmare and a big mess the manufacturer has built in a small compartment behind the bottom shelf which can easily contain the wiring and power requirements (surge protectors can easily fit in).

If you happen to be really tall then this could also be an option for your gaming desk as there are no restrictions in leg room under the desk. When you install you can choose whatever height you want, something not easily achievable with a standard desk. As the unit is made from wood you can easily install a light somewhere on the unit out of the way. I would also recommend planning to install a power adapter underneath the desk, something that’s probably easier before you attach it to the wall.

Prepac Floating desks are manufactured in North America so you can be sure that it is a high quality product.

Assembly is simple with a detailed instruction booklet that is easy to follow. The shelf uses a rail system (supplied) to attach to the wall making it very simple for almost anyone to install. There is a recommended installation height in the manual but it is better to customize it to your own requirements to ensure you are comfortable when gaming.


The floating desk measures 19.8 x 42.2 x 39.5 inches and weighs around 60 pounds in total.


As mentioned above, this unit would suit those who have limited space available or live in a smaller home. The Prepac floating desk is also a good buy for your child if they are looking for a way to setup a PC or gaming area in their rooms. The product has received excellent reviews and customer feedback which you can read all about here to visit Amazon.com


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