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Myth or Fact: How Blog Writing is Impacting Social Media

Some years back blogs were considered a personal diary. A personal virtual space where one could share ideas, experiences, and thoughts. However, this view changed over time. Blog writing is no longer seen as just a hobby. People have started using blogs in other ways. First, to bring audiences from across the world together. Second to gain influence. Third to monetize ideas. Since then, there has been an increased rate of blog writing. Today, there are over 500 million recognized blogs from across the world. By sharing blog posts, bloggers share inspiring news, latest news, and personal opinions. 

Today, entrepreneurs are among the millions of people who have ventured into blog writing. This trend is associated with various reasons. First is to keep customers updated. Blog writing provides a simple and easy way of ensuring that customers are always updated. This includes letting customers know about new deals and any developments. Second is building trust and rapport with prospects. Through blogging, potential customers learn about business people important in building trust. Also, businesspersons use the blog as a search engine optimization tool, and to make money through advertising.

Blog writing is impacting several areas. In this article, were are going to look at how it is impacting social media. Both social media and blog writing provides people with a platform of sharing thoughts ad opinions.  However, the two are different. On social media, you get to share opinions and thoughts on social media platforms. The connection is built by chatting or interacting with the audience. On the other hand, blogging involves having a personal website where you share your articles with your audience. However, if you do not know how to write you can visit this website to hire a writer. So, how is blog writing influencing social media?

Impacts of blog writing on social media

Increased social media uses

Social media uses have increased as a result of blog writing. First, bloggers are using social media to form new connections. Through social media platforms, bloggers are able to meet like-minded people. These people serve as a source of support in the busy blogging market. 

Second, social media is being used as a marketing tool. Social media is enabling people to get noticed. People who own a business through their blog are using it to promote their services or products. This is done by linking a blog to all social media platforms, taking a different marketing approach for every platform, sharing unique content on each platform, and using campaigns. 

Third, social media is being used to increase traffic. After writing a blog post, bloggers not only rely on using social media to ensure that the posts are read, but also search engine optimization. Social media guides more traffic towards a blog. This helps in getting the content out for people to see. Social media platforms experience a high volume of traffic. This is why bloggers are using the platforms to influence the crowds to give attention to the blogs. 

Fourth, social media is now used in building an online presence. Having many followers in social media boosts credibility and trust. It thus helps in building an online presence. Additionally, through social media, bloggers are made visible to potential business partners. 

Fifth, social media is now considered a learning tool. Through social media, people or bloggers are updated on any developments in the industry. This expands opportunities for learning more about topics of interest, a source of content ideas. 

Social media as an information source 

Blogging has made social media an information source on almost all topics. Different bloggers write blog posts on different topics. Some focus on health, others on sports and others on entertainment among other topics. Then, they share this information on different social media platforms. This has made social media an information channel. Previously, people used social media to interact and chat. Today, people are using it to learn more about their topic of interest. For example, a blogger can share a post on a balanced diet and also provide a link for more information. A social media user interested in the topic will definitely gain some information from reading the post. 

Social media as a source of influence

Blog writing has turned social media to be an influence source. The influence can either be positive or negative. Bloggers are using social media platforms to influence opinions, emotions, actions, and attitudes of the target audiences for various purposes. They do this through controlled sharing of one-sided information. The information can be factual or not. For instance, bloggers have previously written posts on political stance with the purpose of influencing people to act in a certain way. This includes spreading propaganda to gain political support for a certain group. However, bloggers are also using social media platforms to share information that positively influences peoples’ behaviors. Such as influencing people to embrace practices that would promote good health. 

Social media platforms now have features for sharing content

Blog writing has shown that people are hungrier for content. As a result, social media platforms such as Facebook have upgraded some features such as Facebook Notes. By using these features, users can now share longer posts. The long-form content act as medium blogging. Unlike blog writing, these features are offering a powerful means of reaching a wider audience. This is considering the increasing number of Facebook users every day across the world. Also, more options are coming in social media platforms to support the sharing of content. Brands are now using these features as an opportunity of sharing articles with their audience.

It is a fact that blog writing is impacting social media. Decades ago, people used social media platforms to interact and chat. However, this has changed with the arrival of blog writing. Social media uses have now expanded. The platforms are now useful in marketing, gaining traffic, establishing an online presence, making connections, and as a learning tool. Social media platforms are now seen as a source of information by users and a source of influence. Also, as a result of blog writing, social media platforms have upgraded some features to enable users to share content. 

However, blog writing and social media are more useful when mixed. For now, none would replace the other. Instead, they will continue to complement each other. Blog writing takes the role of enriching social media with longer posts. On the other hand, social media promotes posts. Therefore, as much as blog writing impacts social media, integrating both would be more beneficial. The two tools support each other regardless of the impacts they have on each other. 

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