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Most Likely Interview Questions About Agile Development

What Is The Relation Between Agile Methodology And DevOps?

Does the candidate understand that Agile and DevOps teams should work together to reach the common goals? The candidate needs to understand the similarity, relevance and differences between Agile Methodology and DevOps. The candidate should also have a good explanation on how a business should meet the customers’ needs while they adapt to fast-changing technology.

What Role Does A DevOps Engineer Play In Agile Development?

Here, a candidate will reveal whether or not they understand or know their key functions such as automated testing, integration and continuous delivery. The candidate needs to show their knowledge and understanding of the importance of clear communication and developing clear working ties with the Agile development team. Evolution Jobs says that anyone applying for the position of a DevOps engineer should understand why they need to keep in touch with the developers.

Interview Questions About Software Development

What Is Your Experience With Software Development?

Here, the candidate should be free and comfortable when discussing code deployment. Also, it’s a good chance to identify whether they have experience regarding DevOps and integration tools.

What’s Your Solution For Managing Software Deployment Failures?

There are bound to be some failures when new software is deployed. Here, you will assess how the candidate can diagnose the source of the failure and how they react to breakdowns in the real world, especially with the troubleshooting skills.

How Can You Identify Any Failures In Production?

Here, you will identify the candidate’s approach when monitoring since it’s integral in DevOps work. That’s why planning and implementation is very crucial for the best results.

How Can DevOps Improve With Configuration Management Tools?

Here, the interviewer will understand the candidate’s experience with various CM tools. The candidate should understand the advantages, disadvantages and functions of various CM tools. They should also point out those that stand out from the rest.

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