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Money instead of a gift No, experts say!

This year’s celebrations give more pleasure to your loved ones, showing them how taking time to buy their gift.

Christmas… The beloved period of small and large has finally arrived! The festive table, the family atmosphere, the Melomakarona and the kourabiedes (as in Greek tradition), the colorful lights and ornaments on the tree – all create a beautiful atmosphere, but one more of all: the gifts!

No one can say no to a gift. But on the side of the offering, things are a little different. The market requires thought, search, time, and very often conditions do not allow it. The solution many times comes in the form of a folder with money. I’m sure no one will say no to that either. But is the value of the offer itself?

And most importantly, is the pleasure of the recipient herself? Psychologists have researched the subject a lot and have the answers. The opposite. Let’s start a little backwards. Who’s the one who doesn’t want to give a gift? For starters, a number of economists.

In a prestigious text in the economic circles, economist Joel Waldfogel claimed that the gift loses its value from the moment it arrives to his recipient, if he does not appreciate it correctly.

For example, a gift of 50 dollars the recipient of whom would appreciate that it would not be worth paying more than 10 dollars to obtain it (because he does not need it or does not like it), immediately loses 40 dollars of its value. This phenomenon is called loss of economic efficiency. This value would not be lost by a monetary gift, but what about the emotion that it causes?

The joy of spending (for others)

They say making money doesn’t bring happiness. However, how we use Money matters. Research has shown that spending money on other people has a greater impact on our happiness than when we spend on ourselves.

But is it the same joy when you offer a gift and when you just give money? Anthropology Professor Wendy James studied the Uduk tribe in Sudan a few decades ago, who held a very basic rule when they donated something (usually cereals or live): they should be consumed and not sold or added to Family property, because that would mean that someone would get rich on somebody else’s shoulders. Non-observance of this rule would bring misfortune, the Uduk believed.

I wonder if she’ll like my gift.

Many believe that choosing to give money, avoid the possibility of their gift not to satisfy the recipient. This fear is well founded, as we often have the expectation of receiving a useful gift from our close people, who know us better than anyone. As much as money is a gift useful, research has shown that the recipients do not appreciate the gesture. Worse still, it can create misunderstandings.

Giving a gift means I care

The offer of a gift has always been linked to the indication of appreciation. That’s why a gift that shows that it was offered with love by a man who took the time to find it, has more value than a gift that is simply expensive.

A gift that shows love raises the self-esteem of the one who receives it, as it feels important/important and contributes to a generally good mood and a positive view of the world. This positive effect is not only evident in our family and friendly circle, but it is observed even in the workplace.

A social experiment by researchers at the University of Bonn showed that when workers were rewarded for offering gifts instead of money, they were treated as a greater sign of gratitude and kindness on the part of their employer.

Moreover, their reaction was more positive and evident when they received the gift in kind, even if they would have picked the financial reward when they were given the option. Let’s not forget that the gift is always a surprise. We never know what awaits us, which is why we are so looking forward to the wrapper – small and big.

And you don’t even have to spend a fortune on it. There are many shopping guides that recommend products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. One of these guides for example comes from boltposts.com – a technology website that lists cool products that are less than 100 dollars.

This year, you offer your favorite gifts of love and save money for what you need. If you think about it, the most precious commodity each of us has to offer is time. Taking some time to offer a gift to those you love, to spend the holidays together, to show him how much you love him, is the most precious gift you can give him.

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