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Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Files Without Software

recover permanently deleted files

Data Files get stored in the storage device and the user performs read, write and update operation on it by using computing devices. But In many cases, the user accidentally lost his data files permanently. So here in this article, you will find the manual method to recover permanently deleted files without any software. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Recover Permanent Deleted Files Without Using Software

The windows operating system is widely used in the world. Manipulating and storing data is one of the important tasks to proceed with the digital world. But in many situation users lost his crucial data, So what next if any user lost his/ her vital data file from computer hard drive or any other external storage device like pen drive, memory card, etc. In this situation, you need to perform the data recovery process. If you accidentally deleted some files or folders from computer hard drive then perform steps given below.

recover deleted files

Recover Soft Deleted Data From Hard Drive

If the user deleted some file or folder from computer hard drive then Windows operating system stores a backup copy in the recycle bin folder. User can easily restore soft-deleted or normal deleted data. Follow the steps and recover deleted files without any software:
Suppose that you deleted a folder, whose name is “important-document” form “D” Drive Partition. And you want it back.

  1. Go to Recycle Bin and click on it.
  2. From opened window locate deleted folder (for example important-document).
  3. Right, Click on the folder.
  4. Select Restore from opened options and click on it.
  5.  If the folder becomes invisible from recycle bin, then navigate to the location from where you deleted it.

Restore Deleted Files from Existing Folder

Suppose that you stored many photos in “marriage” folder and anyhow some of the photos were deleted from it. And you want to restore those deleted images, So follow the steps and recover deleted files without any software:

  1. Go to marriage folder and right-click on it.
  2. Select Restore Previous Version from opened options, simply click on it.
  3. Here you will find a Restore option click on it. If you did not find restore option then open the Control Panel.
  4. From the control panel, select System and Security followed on click on System.
  5. Now you will see some option on the left-hand side, simply click on System Protection option.
  6. Now all available drive with their protection will be shown.
  7. Select a particular drive and hit on Configuration.
  8. Click on Restore System Setting and Previous Version of Files.
  9. Then click on the Restore button and followed by OK.
  10. Now your deleted files were restored, navigate to the folder and view all recovered files.

What to do next if these two methods failed to restore deleted files/folders. In such situation, you have only one option i.e. use of data recovery software.

Recover Permanently Deleted Data Files using Software

For safe and secure data recovery you need a trusted and widely used data recovery software. So here I am listing some useful and result oriented utilities to full fill your requirement.

A) Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Lost data recovery from hard drive become easy due to the user-friendly graphical user interface and advance data recovery feature. Some of the feature of this tool given below:

  1. Recover Soft Deleted and Permanent Deleted Data
  2. Recover Highly Corrupted and Formatted Data
  3. Support Data Recovery from FAT and NTFS File Format
  4. Recover Photos, Videos, Documents, PDF and Music Etc.
  5. No Size Limit – Successfully Tested on 1.5 TB File Size
  6. Support All Windows Operating System Environment.

recover deleted files

B) Pen Drive Data Recovery Software

Pen drive is an external and portable storage device. So it is widely used to transfer data from one system to another. Due to connectivity to various devices pen drives are prone to virus attack and data loss. Use this software and restore permanently lost data, some features are given below:

  1. Recover Hard Deleted and Soft Deleted Data
  2. Support FAT 32 and NTFS File System
  3. Preview Entire Data With Associated Attributes.
  4. Search Required Data by Applying Filter.
  5. Recover Highly Corrupted and Formatted Data etc.

recover permanently deleted files


I tried to explain all possible method to recover permanently deleted files without any software. And also suggested some tools for safe and secure recovery. I hope that this information will help you to regain your all valuable data.

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