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5 Top Things to Master for Professional Gaming


Videogames today are worlds apart from their early days. So are professional gaming competitions. When I was growing up, gaming competitions meant getting the top score on Pac-Man or Space Invaders at the local arcade. Today, they are huge events with multi-million dollar prize pools. The good thing is, you too can become a professional gamer. I am a semi-pro with just a good PC and Spectrum internet packages.

Becoming a Pro Gamer – 5 Helpful Tips

Videogames or esports are one of the biggest digital industries in the world. The gaming community is a very serious one. There is always an element of fun to multiplayer videogames, which is why people play them. But professional gamers are several levels above your average casual gamer. Professional gamers earn millions from sponsorships, live streams, and esports competitions.

Pros are usually the top-tier players of multi-games with a very popular following. Dota2 is one of the best examples of a game with an international community. Dota2 competitions are among the most-watched esports in the world. Pros have an almost cult-like following among the Dota2 community. They compete in each season, attracting millions of viewers, which in turn benefits Dota2 itself. But you can’t expect to get to the top without mastering several things. This blog explores the following things you need to master in order to become a professional gamer:

  1. Get Your Hardware in Order
  2. Watch Other Pros Regularly
  3. Find and Join a Team
  4. Compete in Leagues
  5. Find Sponsors

Let’s dive right into them below.

Get Your Hardware in Order

The international gaming community is fiercely competitive. The professionals are even more competitive than the average players. You need every edge you can get to rise to the top in pro gaming. Which is why you need to invest in good-quality gaming hardware.

You need a high-spec PC, an HD display screen, gaming mouse, and gaming keyboard among other things. You also need a reliable internet connection. Multiplayer online games depend heavily on your upload speed. If your internet is sloppy and unreliable, your gaming will suffer.

Watch Other Pros Regularly

This blog assumes you are already at least a casual gamer in the game you want to become a pro at. To improve, you need to learn and the best way to do that is to watch other pros in action. Streaming platforms like Twitch can be the best teacher when it comes to streaming professional games. The live game commentary is also very helpful.

Watching other pros can help you learn techniques and strategies much faster than discovering them on your own. It also helps you gauge things in your own gaming style that need improvement. If you want to become a pro, you should watch at least a few hours of pros in action every single day.

Find and Join a Team

This may sound like a nightmare for socially awkward people, but finding a team is relatively easy in the world of esports. The gaming community is only concerned with your gaming ability. If you want to succeed, you need a team that complements your abilities. Remember, most online games are team games. You can’t expect to be a one-man show in every game. A good team can help you speed up your journey to pro gaming, helping you improve and hone your skills over time.

Compete in Leagues

Playing normal team games is a great activity. However, if you want to get to the next level, you and your team need to start competing in esports leagues. Some of the best-known gaming leagues are the MLG (Major League Gaming), the Dota2 Internationals, and the Intel Extreme Masters circuits. These tournaments are the real deal, where teams compete for the top slot. There is usually a substantial prize pool at these competitions, which is a great motivator. But the real opportunity is to test your skills against other professional gamers.

Find Sponsors

Once you and your team start winning in leagues, you will start attracting notice. You may even be approached by a sponsor. But if you intend on going pro, then don’t wait for a sponsor to come to you. Sponsorship is one way your team can earn money for all the hard work they have put in. Look for sponsors at local gaming events and even at bigger ones. If your skills are good enough, and you get the right attention, finding a sponsor will be comparatively easier.

Professional gaming is a full-time career. If you intend on going pro, then don’t think you will have time for a day job as well. That means you need to be good enough to be able to pay for your lifestyle. You need to earn at least enough to cover your living expenses. As a pro, I would like to be able to afford things beyond my Spectrum TV plans like a new car or apartment. Once you start rising through the ranks, the money will start rolling in. Especially if you start streaming your games once you have a sizeable audience.


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