Make Your Honeymoon Extra Special at These Maldivan Resorts


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Do you know? Water bungalows and honeymoon is the astonishing idea for honeymoon couples? Indeed, you heard it right! Water bungalows and honeymoon both are synonymous nowadays. Many international destinations like Bali, Thailand, Dubai are visited by a large number of honeymooners every year because the hotels there are made for couples to experience romance at each second.

One such destination which is very famous for the best honeymoon water villas in the Maldives.The Maldives is tucked in the Indian Ocean and is an island paradise that has the most beautiful beaches in the world, and its resorts are itself the destinations. With roughly 80 flabbergasted private island resorts that feature water villas an over water bungalow, Maldives is one such destination that remains on the top of honeymooners list.

In this article, we have investigated and explored the best Maldives resorts for couples that honeymooners must check if they intend to book Maldives honeymoon package soon! We have recorded the top Maldivan resorts for honeymooners in the wake of going through days in every one of them. So, this rundown is trusted!

1. Como Cocoa Island Resort

With 33 awesome water villas and 3 extra island bungalows, Como Cocoa Island Resort doesn’t enable families to stay. Indeed, it is such a romantic Maldivan resort where you can appreciate the extravagance passionate emotion while getting spoiled with spa medications, and can even snorkel and jump at the house reef. Couples can enjoy the private sundeck and split-level washroom experience all through their accommodation.

The online levy of Como Cocoa Island Resort in low season begins @ U$$ 975 every night approx, and in high season it raises @U$$ 1050 every night. June to September is the perfect time to make a booking at this resort.

2. Baros Resort Maldives

If you need to stay in the splendid Maldivan resorts which are profoundly appraised by past visitors, at that point consider booking your stay at Baros Resort Maldives. With 45 extravagant island villas and 30 water villas, this retreat represents amazing ocean views. The sane have a private wine basement, and 4 mouth-watering cafés, Baros Resort is where you will unlock the best intimate moment.

The resort is furnished with a rejuvenated outlandish spa focus. From swimming to snorkeling to scuba jumping to parasailing, you can do a lot of water sports at Baros Resort Maldives. Despite the fact that the cost is low season start @ U$$ 1500 every night, and in high season it goes unto U$$ 1600 for each head.

3. Six Senses Laamu

With regards to living at the most lavish Maldives resorts, numerous big names and travel bloggers pick their stay at Six Senses Laamu. You also can stay here with your spouse, since its value begins @ U$$ 990.01. Six Senses Laamu is the ideal spot for couples who are hoping to strike the special first-night objectives in the isolated spot.

Here at Six Senses Laamu, mornings start with surfing, paddle-boarding or biking around the island. The retreat has private vastness pools and has around 97 great water villas, beach manors ringed with palm trees and shady blue waters. Six Senses Maldives is only a 15-minute speedboat ride from the Male air terminal.

4. Nika Island Resort and Spa

Mostly infamous for the best island resort in the Maldives that has a private beach in every manor, Nika Island Resort, and Spa, houses 43 amazing sultan suite villas, water manor, and garden rooms. If you are visiting the Maldives for the isolation around the house reef and blue waters, Nika Island Resort and Spa is the spot to book in the Maldives tour package.

The resort is around 25 minutes at seaplanes and approx hour distance with a speedboat ride from Maldives Airport. Cost for two beginnings @ USD 500 onwards. Offices like couple spa centers, rec center, windsurfing, swimming, diving, and dusk cruising are the reward to stay in Nika Island Resort and Spa.

5. Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa Maldives

If the beachfront mansions, and an abundance of exercises like swimming, scuba plunging, beachside movie, and romantic dinner while hearing the crashing sound of water is your concept of romance, at that point head to Centara Grand Island Resort. Finds approx 25-minute seaplane ride from Maldives air terminal, Centra Resort price for two beginnings @ USD 525.

We can hardly wait to take our fan at these Maldives resorts for couples. What about you?

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