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Let us know: Why did Google Suspend Huawei?

Google have now suspended their business with the Chinese multinational and technological company Huawei. Huawei is a company which provides equipment’s for telecommunication and sells consumer electronic products which includes smartphones business. But the recent news says that Google is now suspending some of its business with brand Huawei. Now this could also impact the future of android smartphones made by other Chinese company and Huawei sub brand, honor. 

What exactly Google have done?

Google suspended the business which requires transferring of software, hardware and technical services with Huawei, because of this every services have been impacted, except the features that were available with open source licensing. In its effect Google have also cancelled the license of Huawei android. All this was done after the president of US- Donald Trump added the company Huawei to the trade blacklist. 

What happens to the people who are using Huawei phones? 

After this one thing was pretty clear that unless Huawei is taken out of the Entity list, the people using its phone will suffer from this loss. The Huawei phones will not be able to provide its best services in this case. Huawei customers will not be able to run its Android proprietary apps and services like YouTube, chrome and Gmail in the future. But the android will be continued to work as of now. 

The future conditioned is still unclear of what happens next. We still don’t know if the current Huawei phone uses will get any android update or not. The future Huawei phones might not come with android and Google services. As Play Protect and Play Store come under proprietary services, Google has still not clear about its future use. 

What Huawei said about the current situation?

Huawei said that the company will continue to provide its services. They will continue to provide after sales services and security update to all of his existing Huawei as well as Honor tablets and smartphones users. They will also cover these services for stock that has been sold and are still in stock globally. They will continue to build a sustainable and safe software ecosystem to provide their best services to their customers globally. 

They did not actually confirm about the current Huawei users that their phones will be updated to next android version or not? They also didn’t confirm whether the future Huawei phones will run the operating system or not. 

The impact on the Huawei Company

This situation is forcing the company to rapidly build an alternative to the android services for the working phones. This particularly should be done at Europe because it comprises of the strongest growth.  The company didn’t get much affected at the China business because they do not use the Google services anyway. It also worth to look at the context of China and US which are embarking a serious trade war which will depend on how is government of china going to react on this change and latest move.

This was all about why Google suspended Huawei.


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