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Know the Drawbacks of Couch Tuner – Is Couch Tuner Legit?

Couch Tuner has become a social unit name since the location was free in early 2010. this is often a free TV streaming platform wherever you’ll watch any TV show for free! at first, the location was launched with a .com domain however began to expand with subdomain with .ag, .in and .fr. One will discover a variety of various TV Shows on this web site and watch them while not buying. That’s what makes the location therefore special. Let’s take associate in-depth detail concerning CouchTuner, its safety, legitimacy, and alternative aspects before victimization it.

What is Couch Tuner?

Sadly, Couch Tuner could be a pirate web site that has pirated media for streaming. you may solely notice TV Shows on the location, so, it are often informed say that the location is that the home of TV Shows. you’ll watch well-liked TV Shows like Narcos, Game of Thrones, Quantico, etc. during this video streaming web site.

Drawbacks of Couch Tuner

The video streaming web site not solely includes the TV Shows however includes some cons that may become the rationale for your anxiety. individuals} drawbacks play a polar role for people searching for the alternatives to Couch Tuner. So, let’s consider the drawbacks.

Since the .com domain of Couch Tuner is closed as of currently, you have got to seek out alternative domains of Couch Tuner as written on top of that typically creates a problem for the users.

While enjoying a selected video in Couch Tuner, reportedly users have Janus-faced issues regarding a replacement tab opened right once clicked on the video.

The TV shows aren’t organized at all! You won’t notice the seasons and episodes of a TV Show in outstanding order. So, you have got to dig additional.

Lack of Autoplay is one in every of the explanations why folks notice Couch Tuner unworthy as they need to seem for following episode once finishing one!

These drawbacks leave Couch Tuner approach behind its competitors within the market. however it’s not solely the cons that create Couch Tuner ‘vulnerable’ (according to some users) the shortage of legitimacy and safety creates an enormous distinction. Let’s have a glance if Couch Tuner is legit or safe.

Is Couch Tuner Legal?

The answer is just “No”! As declared on top of within the article, Couch Tuner could be a piracy web site that displays pirated video contents from alternative media sites. And you recognize what it means that to be pirated. The unlawful and pirated content could drop you into serious hassle if you’re a Couch Tuner User (Depending on your place). In the USA, your net supplier will cripple your information measure that is understood as half-dozen Strikes law.

Is Couch Tuner Safe?

On the protection half, Couch Tuner gets a thumbs-up feat its ads. The history of Couch Tuner depicts a secure browsing whereas observation and clicking on videos. however take care once you click on the ads as those will embody some malware and virus that may ruin your device. Don’t step into the entice once asked to update your media player on the location whereas there’s no relation between change media player and observation videos on the location. That’s all for the protection.

So, currently you have got a good plan concerning Couch tuner, its drawbacks, legitimacy, and safety. The on top of aspects ar the rationale why folks typically search for the alternatives to Couch Tuner. If you’re one in every of them, then don’t worry! There’re multiple well-established and clean sites to assist you out. you’ll visit Layerpoint and find the legal and safe alternatives to Couch Tuner which is able to assist you to continue streaming.

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