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Know the Best Amazing Fact About Huawei Mobile 

When you think about smartphones the first name which come to your mind may not be the Huawei mobile however that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an important company. In fact, this company is massive in the telecommunication market. In this post, we will see the best amazing fact about Huawei mobile. When Ren Zhengfei was 42 he founded Huawei. Before this company was founded, he was in people’s liberation army and worked as a military technologist. Till now he is the president of the company and he is China’s 556th richest person as per the Hurun report. 

Facts about Huawei Mobile- 

Word ‘Huawei’ translates as ‘Chinese achievement’ – 

The first character of name Huawei in Chinese is 华 that which derived from the Chinese word- Flower however now it is referred to as China or Chinese. Second character 为 means ‘action’ or ‘achievement.’ When we combine these two characters that will be –‘Chinese achievement.’ 

Largest telecommunication equipment producer in the whole world is Huawei – 

This is true, Huawei have recently not been on your radar as the smartphones company however it is the largest telecommunication producer in the world. it has overtaken the likes of Ericson in 2012. Also, this company makes equipment for a corporation, other telecommunication companies, etc. 

In 1980s Huawei was first made to manufacture telephone exchange switches – 

Huawei has been around from the long-time say from the 1980s. it was launched in 1986 in Shenzhen China.  At that time, China, as well as people’s liberation army, was relying on the outside manufacturer for the telecom equipment. Ren wanted to concentrate on the local R&D to make telephone exchange switches because switching equipment technology relates to international safety and he believed that not having personal switching equipment is like lacking own military. 

Huawei partnered with nearly 80 % of the world’s top telecommunication companies – 

Few major companies with which Huawei have worked are Motorola, Vodafone, T mobile, etc. Thus, Huawei not only makes it own a smartphone but it also partners with the other companies who make a smartphone, this shows that this company is very influent. Also, this company has sponsored several important events as well as sports team like Arsenal F.C, the Ghana football association, Paris Saint Germain, etc. 

Huawei has invested million dollars in the university in Canada – 

Huawei has invested over 1.4 million dollars in Carleton University in Canada. The aim was to set up a research lab dedicated to the development of cloud computing and technology. At last, it will greatly benefit this company. Also, in the name of education, Huawei has donated money to several services. It also sponsored communication futures program of MIT. 

There is no doubt that Huawei is a big company and it has a Research and development team having 76,000 employees. This shows that how they have become the largest telecommunication company and staying top of technological trends. About 10% of the income of the company is put back in the R&D and this is has helped develop the latest as well as greatest products.  


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