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How to Put a Parental Block on Android?

How long do your kids spend time on their devices every day?

According to studies, the duration of screen time a child spends is between 4-7 hours, which is quite unacceptable. Such prolonged hours put parents under worry.

When children are constantly accessing the internet and playing games or chatting on social media, they become vulnerable to digital threats.

Some research studies have depicted that content like gambling and pornography are just 2 clicks away on the internet.

Thus, no parent wants their child to access inappropriate material and unrestricted internet use, which can cause health issues to them.

Today, we are going to share the need for parental control app and its ways to secure kids.


What Is Child Monitoring App?

It is a software designed for parents to put a check on children’s internet use.

This app allows you to monitor and restrict kids’ use of online platforms for social media, games, content, and other programs.

You can put restrictions on uncontrolled device access to kids using a parental control app.


How To Put A Parental Block On Android?

  • Use Android Parental Control Application:

Kids safety app provides distinctive tools to filter content, manage screen time, block unnecessary apps or callers, and much more.

Use parental control software to avail numerous advantages and complete security of the kids. You can try using the Bit Guardian Parental Control app and identify the areas it helps in your child’s security.

Bit Guardian Parental Control – One Stop Solution Software

This is one of the most popular applications due to its unique tools, simple interface, and user-friendly usage.

Any parent can use this application from anywhere by adding an infinite number of children.

Here list of exclusive features of the app that will grab your attention with its exceptional benefits and methods of implementing a parental block.

  • Time Schedule: Screen Time Control App allows parents to control the excessive time their child spends on phones or tablets. You have to predefine the hours of using multiple applications on a kid’s device. Time Schedule will help children to limit the use of the internet and protects them from severe diseases like attention deficiency, obesity, dry eyes, etc.
  • App Blocker: Can you give assurance whether your children access the right web pages? This App Blocker Android tool can block the applications that a child should not view. This feature not only helps in blocking objectionable applications but is also useful to manage screen time control with limited access to apps.
  • Call Blocker: You can block the suspected callers that may distract your child. You can stop the known or unknown callers that are not good for kid’s health.
  • Panic and SOS Alert: This is one of the most useful tools during emergencies. If your child faces an unforeseen situation, they can immediately contact you with SOS Alert. When your kid presses the SOS button, you will receive a notification with their precise location and a siren will buzz on your phone. If you can’t reach your child, add a responsible person as a guardian who will take care of kids in your absence.
  • App Install Blocker: To beat a bad habit of installing new apps, App Install Blocker comes handy. This tool discourages kids to download new applications so they can shift their focus on other tasks and provide the optimum rest hours to their eyes.
  • GPS: It is a real-time location tracking tool. When Bit Guardian Parental Control App is installed on a kid’s device, they won’t step outside the house alone. GPS tracker will go hand in hand and take care of your kids. Geofencing limits can be set to measure the distance of teens from a predefined location. The additional advantage you will receive is to keep an eye on your child’s driving speed. You can define the Speed Limit and check his behavior to know if they are moving safely at a suitable pace.
  • Kiosk Mode: The most appreciated feature of this app is Kiosk Mode. This unique tool creates a new launcher on the child’s device that provides very limited access to apps.

You have to select a bunch of applications that you think fit for children’s use, and they will be refrained from using other apps.

Put a parental block on your kid’s Android device using a child monitoring app like Bit Guardian Parental Control.

Your kid’s digital life will be at ease, and you can get mental peace with this software.


Download it on your device now!

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