How to Boost Self Confidence by Loving Yourself?

Self-love is not just a concept that we build in our minds. Many of us have the crazy idea of being lazy and selfish, if we are not taking care of everyone around us or working hard.

We tend to forget our self-worth and self-love by doing these things. If we don’t take care of ourselves, nobody else will. To be the best we can for others, we need to love ourselves and respect ourselves before everything.

Self Love and its Importance

The essence of self-love is to accept and be proud of yourself for who you are – mind, body, and spirit and to respect your decisions and live in a way that will make you healthy and happy.

It is understanding that there is no need to live up to others’ expectations of who you should be, or what you should look like.

Loving yourself means not apologizing for who you are, or who you are not, but instead celebrating the uniqueness that is you. And it means that you do not settle for less than what you deserve, including when it comes to love.

Self-love is also about ensuring that you are physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. When you take care of yourself properly, you will be healthier overall, which means that you can live a longer and more fulfilling life.

Boost Self Confidence by Reorganizing your Subconscious Mind

To achieve this, the first thing you want to do is sit down with a pencil and a pad of paper, and start designing the life you want. The way you do that is by writing down a series of affirmations that describe you and your life “exactly as you want it to be”.

You can include all aspects of your life, for example;

  • your finances
  • your health
  • your relationships
  • your charitable giving
  • your spirituality
  • the home you live in
  • the car you drive
  • your lifestyle

In other words, design your life exactly as you want it to be.

I don’t want to try to create your affirmations for you, because they need to come from you. But sometimes people have trouble getting started with this process. In such cases, you can refer the article on affirmations to develop self love.

Put this into practice on a daily basis.  I don’t mean try it for a week or two…. I mean put it into practice on an ongoing basis, and watch the changes that take place in your life.

Eliminate Yourself from Negative Thoughts

At the start of your journey to self-love, and very likely at different points throughout that journey, you will experience doubt and hesitation.

You might feel the old belief setting in that you should not be spending too much time on yourself, or that loving others is more important than loving yourself.

To get yourself into the right frame of mind, and remind yourself that loving yourself is an important and worthwhile goal, take the time to cleanse yourself of these negative thoughts – a literal cleansing, not just a metaphorical one.

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