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How Michael Phelps And Talkspace Are helping To End The Stigma

May 22, 2018, was the day when Talkspace and Michael Phelps, announced a partnership together. This partnership, which was officiated in New York, seeks to promote seeking therapy. This is because both parties understand that therapy is a handy tool when it comes to helping  improve your mental health. Talkspace is a leader in providing online treatment to people all over the world and  is a top rated service.

Talkspace is an online therapy service that connects you with licensed therapists. This has been achieved through its website and mobile apps. Talkspace has really revolutionized mental care and access for you. They have brought conversation between you and therapists into the digital era. Talkspace’s primary mission is to eliminate the stigmas that come about as a result of mental illness. They also avail therapy sessions to millions of people, some of who wouldn’t be able to access these services. Their great services have been used by over a million people so far, and the results speak for themselves.

Because if this shared passion, Talkspace, and Michael Phelps have decided to partner. Phelps has confessed to struggling with depression and anxiety at various points of his successful career. He admits that at that time he found it difficult to seek the help he needed. He, however, experienced a change when he decided to open up and talk about his issues. He was glad to be able to access therapy sessions through video, text and the web. This, therefore, opened his eyes to the many people who were in his predicament, and who needed such a platform.

This is why Phelps feels that Talkspace is the perfect platform for people dealing with mental challenges as he has. Talkspace’s and Phelps’ decision to fight the stigma that is associated with seeking therapy for mental health, will encourage so many of you to seek help. Through their partnership, Phelps will work with people facing mental health challenges. Together they are helping you, to get affordable access to therapy sessions on Talkspace. He will also be joining Talkspace’s Board of Advisors. This way, he will be able to offer advice to the company on their mental health strategy together with other industry experts such as psychologists, who also sit on this board.

Talkspace has been vital in helping people manage their mental health in the past years. Michael Phelps, on the other hand, has a deep understanding of advocating for mental health as he has gone through challenges himself. The therapy provided by Talkspace is based on evidence. It is also affordable and convenient for you, no matter your occupation. You can send your therapist messages from anywhere as long as you have a computer, laptop or smartphone. The platform is very secure to ensure that you get confidentiality as you seek help.

Every therapist on Talkspace is licensed and verified. This means that you will be getting quality services from a qualified professional. The partnership between Phelps and Talkspace, affirms the fact that any of you are vulnerable to mental health challenges. This, therefore, means that there is no shame in seeking help. Their commitment to breaking all stigma associated with seeking therapy will create a safer space, for you to try therapy sessions from trusted therapists regardless of the mental challenges you are going through.


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