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How important is a clear thumbnail for your video?

Social Media and the Power of its Influence

When talking photography, you might have often overheard the term good lighting. This is by far one of the most important and crucial elements when taking pictures. With a good source of light, you can get bright and clear pictures, where details are also well pronounced. You might be wondering how good lighting or photography essentials pertains to video thumbnails.

The reason is quite simple when people look at thumbnails they only see a frame from the video or at least a picture which relates to the video. In a way, they are looking at a single picture and coming to conclusions about what the video might be. Hence there is a very important emphasis placed on the thumbnail to be as bright as possible.

When recording your videos, you should always make sure there is sufficient lighting around or you are using a high-quality camera which can record in very low light conditions. Features set and uses such as this can elevate the quality of your videos. But the first step that comes is to attract viewers and that begins with a quality thumbnail.

Social media and the power of its influence

Using the power of social media to garner views is not something new, it has been around for a few years. But the effect and extent with which it is used are quite different today than it was sometime back. There are over a billion users on Facebook, and reaching even a small fraction of this number can help your video climb the hump and get the views rolling in.

In order to reach this mass market, you will need to able to share your videos on the platform. While Facebook does allow sharing to be done fairly easily, it is always a good idea to use a custom thumbnail to differentiate it from others on the news feed. There are various kinds of software such as YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator which can really help you create a unique thumbnail, all with a custom play button and hyperlinking.

Even when you use the right software, make your thumbnail look as different as possible, it will not work unless you utilize a good picture. It can be a screen grab from an action shot, the picture of your subject, a vibrant picture which correlates to the video, or just a simple picture which is shot in bright conditions. Using the right picture can often make your videos look very appealing.

Importance of a thumbnail

Regardless of the content of the video, what is most important is being able to grab the attention of the user in less than a few seconds. Research suggests our attention span is shrinking at a rapid rate and the internet is a big reason for this. Therefore using a bright and clear image, where all the details are visible and making it appealing can lure hundreds of viewers. This in tandem with a YouTube to Facebook custom thumbnail can do absolute wonders for your video views.

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