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How does a MRI Scan actually work?

MRI Scan

Has your doctor suggested you go for an MRI? Are you based in any of the metro cities, for instance Bangalore? Being the technology hub that it is, Bangalore is known to be one of the best cities in the South to get any kind of medical service. For getting an MRI, the best MRI centres in Bangalore are there whose assistance you can seek whenever you require. You can avail any one of their services.

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and it is a well-known technology that is used for diagnosing any tumor or other complications in a patient’s body. AN MRI is usually done after the consultant doctor recommends it, and before going for an MRI, there are certain things that you need to know and keep in mind. As a matter of fact, this will help you throughout the time the procedure is done and will also be useful when the procedure needs to be done in future as well.

Did you know this vital piece of information that no radiations are used during the clicking and processing of the image- and simply magnetic fields and radio waves are in use for a MRI scan? The best MRI centre in Bangalore or any other metro city in India boasts of the most recent technology used to offer truly the best facilities to their patients.

Get rid of any kind of iron or metallic objects containing iron in your body before entering the MRI scan machine. You must also let the technician know whether you suffer from claustrophobia or any related problems. They will provide you the required guidance and help you out throughout the medical process.
Avoid having any kind of food or drink at least 2-3 hours before the scanning process starts, otherwise the results which will be produced will have errors. It is certainly not what you want, given the fact that you are spending your precious, hard-earned money for the diagnosis test. Avoid taking any kind of mental or physical stress, no matter how much your job profile or situation requires you to be in.

Once you lie down on the table for the MRI Scan, the nurse provides you a strap to safely secure you to the table so that you do not fall off by any chance, because as the saying goes, better safe than sorry! Contrasting light rays are used for the scanning process so that the final image comes out clear, and if you have any optical issues, you need to notify the staff or technicians prior to the testing so that they can take required measures to make you feel as comfortable as they can. Coils (which are nothing but a type of antenna) are placed over the body area to be scanned before the person is put inside the hollow tunnel, underneath the camera. You can squeeze a rubber ball connected, which acts like an alarm to alert the technician whenever you feel uncomfortable during the scanning procedure, which is pretty noisy. MRI Scan is usually a painless procedure.

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