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How does a Locksmith Gain Access Without a Key?

Every once in a while, there might be an incident where we get locked out of our house by either losing our keys or forgetting them inside the house. There are mainly three things you can do in such a situation; try and unlock the door yourself, cry about it while sitting on your doorstep or call a locksmith Leeds that can unlock the door for you and let you in.

The latter most option is the safest and the most effective in making sure you gain access to your house without causing any damage to the lock or the surrounding area. How a locksmith breaks into a lock is something that many people are not clear about so we’ve compiled some details about the three main methods that any good locksmith might use to unlock a door without a key.

Lock picking

Perhaps the most effective and the mist commonly used method of breaking into a lock used by locksmiths around the world is lock picking. Locksmiths have special picking that that have tiny tools suitable of being inserted in a key hole and clicking the lock out of place. A tension wrench and a rake are the two most crucial tools used in this process that ensure almost 100% accuracy. An experienced locksmith will insert the wrench into the keyhole and twist it in order to judge the direction of the turn. There is then tension applied to the wrench and the rake is inserted. Different ways of making the combination work are tested until one works and the locked is popped open.


By looking at the lock, an experience locksmith will be able to create a bump key. While it is advised ti always have a duplicate key of any lock that you are installing, a locksmith can create on even If the original one is lost. There are special skills and techniques involved in the whole bumping process and it also requires a key blank, a file and either a key of the lock or just a nice detailed look at the keyhole. The experience and skill of the locksmith matters the greatest in this method and therefore it is important to contract a qualified and well-known locksmith.


If the picking and the bumping does not work, the last resort is drilling. This method is messy and will cause a great deal of damage to the lock and its surrounding area. As the name suggests, it involves the use of a drill to make a hole in the door and completely remove the lock while also destroying it. Experienced locksmiths are experts in these methods and it is always recommended that you consult one before trying any of these at home. You might end up causing a greater deal of damage than necessary and even getting hurt in the process. You should consider upgrading your locks to anti-snap locks, as they are much tougher for burglars to drill and have special features in pace that shut the lock down and prevent unauthorized entry.

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