How Can Employee Monitoring Boost Productivity?

Whether you’re a business owner or a manager of a specific department, productivity among your employees is something you want to maximize as much as possible. Sometimes it can be hard to determine what productivity really is and how to measure it efficiently. Modern technologies eased this issue to some degree and now you can actually see if your workers are working productively or not with the help of software to track computer activity remotely.

Therefore, in this article we’ll focus on productivity aspect of employee monitoring tools. Do they really enhance it and what’s important to know if you intent to buy remote PC surveillance software?

Main Productivity Reducers

If you want to boost the productivity of your workers, it means their present productivity levels aren’t satisfactory. Or they just lack some kick to get them working. Either way, the first thing we need to know is what causes reduction in productivity?

Two main reasons for low productivity levels are wasted time and errors your employees make while working (either caused by the lack of knowledge, or the fact that they’re not paying enough attention to what they’re doing).

When you implement software to monitor a PC, your employees will waste less time almost instantly. But, if your employees continue to make errors which make their work slower, you should sit and talk with them. See why they make those mistakes and ask them what can you do about it? Maybe they need more training or other tools to aid them.

Either way, employee monitoring app will help you out. You’ll get an insight of their work and notice the mistakes they’re making which you wouldn’t be able to do in any other way. You’ll help them improve and that’s what you should aim for.

Productivity in Numbers

Numbers don’t lie and if you really want to know how important productivity really is for your business, then you should look at these numbers.

Firstly, when employees are interrupted, they take about 23 minutes to get back to the task they were working on beforehand. So, each email they open takes away 23 minutes of their time, they can barely stay focused on one thing. And that’s just one activity.

“How much does it cost me?”, you may be thinking. It does, a lot. Different research showed that on average, levels of unproductivity are costing US companies a whopping total of $550 billion a year! And prepare to be shocked to find out that an average employee “steals” more than 4 hours per week, which means you’re paying someone not to do anything for 4 hours every week.

Scary numbers right? Now you know why productivity plays a huge role in every business. So, if you consider buying an employee watch software, let’s see how can such a tool boost productivity levels in your company.

Employee Monitoring and Productivity

So, now that you’ve seen the numbers, you may be shocked. But, you’re still having doubts about how PC or laptop monitoring software could help you boost boost your employees productivity levels.

And it’s actually quite simple – deterrence. People are afraid of punishment, so they act according to the rules, laws, etc. It works the same with the workplace computer monitoring software, which monitors your employees.

Another reason why such a software is so good when it comes to boosting productivity is because of something called “Hawthorne effect”. Named after an experiment that took place in Western Electric’s Hawthorne Works company in Illinois. In simple words, the effect tells us that each person tends to behave differently when they know they’re being observed.

And it’s true, just think about the last time you’ve done something you knew someone was observing you. Probably in high school when your teacher told you to finish your homework in class because you aren’t doing it at home. It was probably the best homework you’ve ever done.

Anyways, now you know why is IT monitoring software good for the productivity levels of your employees.


If you want to implement an employee tracking software into your business, among other things, the productivity of your employees will skyrocket. It’s a perfect long term solution for maintaining a steady workflow of each department in the company.

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