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Get all the Changes Apple Made to MacBooks Today

The Apple Company has a big announcement today related to the updating of the MacBooks which are available with the latest technologies. This updated MacBooks to the promotion of the back to school promotion that is starting today. The technology is helpful to the students perusing their higher education, the parents, faculty and other staff members. This can be accessed through the Apple Education Store. The company is also offering a pair of beat headphones with the purchase of the qualified and eligible MacBooks. 


Evolution of the new MacBooks

The new entry-level MacBook pro

It has been refreshed with an 8th generation of the 13-inch model that has 1.4GHz Intel core which is an upgraded version from the 7th generation of Intel core. Look and size of the iphone mobile has not been changed but the updated version has a good material keyboard. That was enjoyed by the users previously. And the new feature of the Apple touch bar with a fingerprint touch ID that is based on the person’s sign-in. The entry-level MacBook pro means that there will be no non-touch bar pros. This new entry-level is based on two versions that the buyer can choose as per their wish and need. 

New MacBook Air

Apple Company installed this for the people who are looking for lightweight laptops. It has updated true tone retina display screen i.e. you can adjust any type of color that you wish is goof for your screen. They can continue with the previous retina display by lowering the price which will not be beneficial. 

Changes that can enhance the performance of the company 

Various changes that the Apple Company could make to enhance the performance of the sales of the versions of MacBook that they are developing. The changes that had to be taken place are-

  • Support for 32GB of RAM- many laptops is there who are not supporting RAMs of 32 GB and more. But human beings need RAM in computers as they need water to survive. And this is the requirement of the professionals who perform their work through computers. 
  • 4K Screen resolution- The screen of the updated laptops is also a big need for humans. The laptops are now available with the retina display screen and the various other technologies that have evolved in this era. 
  • Bluetooth 5- this supports different enhancement over the big processors. Apple has a good track record of being the good technologies of the wireless and Excellencies. 
  • Working day battery- this is the area where Apple has the shine until recently for being the best battery laptop manufacturer. They manufacture the return of the higher capacity of the batteries that will work the whole day. 

So, use all the upgraded technologies that have been done by the Apple Company. They are the best technological gadgets seller that works with god efficiency and with the best dealers. This updated version is introduced for the higher education gaining students. Thus, they can connect to the online working of the education procedure through the help of a laptop. 



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