Munching Spots in Chefchaouen

Famous Munching Spots in Chefchaouen

Chefcaouen is a city famous for its blue color, It is called as a blue gem of Morocco. For me being there was great fun!  Exploring the exotic sceneries and discovering the many shades of blue in the city of Chefchaouen is the common activity of the visitors. We’ve taken a lot of pictures in the Blue, they are saved as for always in our memories, the blue color impression in our brains you can say. The thing visitors mostly not known is where to find quality food and stat in the town. Know about munching in a town and enjoy your ChefChaouen holidays in a much better way.

What and where to eat in Chefchaouen

Chefcaouen, like other cities of Morocco, is a gastronomical destination, you will find the common and unique dishes also with respect to the local traditions. This guide will lead you to the best restaurants to dine out and have the best tastes in town. Most of the places are based on our experiences there, it is to help you find the best in many.

Lunch at Restaurant Casa Aladdin

It was our first day in Chefchaouen when we were to think that which is the best place in Chefchaouen to have better food for lunch. We hired a guide there who lead us to the Resturant Casa Aladdin.  We ultimately found a good place to grub, a double story hotel which serves many of the traditional and the international dishes. The taste I found was much better than I was expecting.

Restaurant Casa Aladdin

Why my expectations were low because I found Chefcouaen, a rural type town with some backwardness, people use to consume hashish a lot, you will smell hashish strolling anywhere in the city. So knowing this all, my expectations went down as I didn’t see any good place my own self there to eat, our guide lead us and a far better place it was. It is an Arab styled designed hotel representing the Arab culture very well, it was the inside view.

On the very next day when we were sitting in the same restaurant, we chose to sit on the rooftop having all the very classic views of the blue city. The live music played for us to entertain us during lunch. We enjoyed our lunch to have the views of Medina in front of us. On the first day, we tried Tagine, the same overrated dish which we tried many times, on the second day we ordered the couscous soup and that was enough to be called a complete lunch. The couscous soup is a speciality of the restaurant I could guess, that was stuffy and very delicious. Try Casa Alladin, it’s a lovely place to eat out in Chefcouaen.

Eating Experience with Restaurant Beldi Bab Ssour

For lunch, we first thought of going to the little local restaurant Beldi Bab ssour, but we had the other option too, so we opted for the other one. The mentioned restaurant is good but in a very congested place. The beautiful thing about this that this eating place is just like a home inside, a blue home.

Restaurant Beldi Bab Ssour

When we tasted what they made, (A chicken Tajine and B’stilla, with couscous soup and traditional Moroccan Salads) They inspired us a lot offering us such delicious dishes of the trip. My recommendations are for the mentioned restaurant, must visit the restaurant to the amazing tastes of Chefchouen.

For you, it is a choice of the other restaurants to try, You can go and opt for the other eating spots too. Again saying, this is all about our experiences in Chefcouaen, Other people, visited the same destination may have different experiences. Our experience of having the delicious dinner in Beldi Bab was just amazing.

Various opportunities in Main Square Chefchaouen

You may have listened about the main square Chefchouaen. It is the place in town you can visit and have the unique experiences of having different mouthwatering foods. If we were to stay there for some more days, we must have experienced fast food or instant food from the main square.

On some distance from the main square, there is a place to take the fresh juices for you and your kids. Must visit the place, it is amazing sitting place. Grab the tasty fruite juices and sit on the roof of the juice centers and have the perfect views of the blue city, that will impact you very amazingly. Other things you can offer are the mint tea and the ice cream scoops for your kids. This was the best experience I thought I embraced Chefchouen for, I loved Chefchaouen and will love to visit the place again.

We have been staying in the luxury hotel with a sightseeing terrace, with almost every facility we demanded, and the most important, a very handsome breakfast. I recommend a trip to Chefchaouen, you will also regard the destination as the heaven on earth. You will like it.

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