Email Marketing: 5 Best Practices to Generate Leads

If you ask any business owner, ‘What do you seek most while operating a company?’ then the most probable answer you are likely to get is, ‘Quality leads.’ Leads are what businesses want in the first place because that are significant for continuous business growth.

Usually, SMEs think hard for the sake of identifying those lead generation strategies that aid in obtaining objectives without consuming much money. While multinationals just get in touch with established lead generation service providers and enjoy smoother growth, consequently.

In this day and age, email marketing is deemed as one of the best lead generation strategies that take care of the task of filling up the sales pipeline. The fact will leave you surprised is 90 billion emails (approximately) are sent world widely for business purposes, and this should be plenty to understand why email marketing is still effective.

Today, we will lift the curtain over some best practices of email marketing you should follow for seamless lead generation:

1. Personalization matters

The success, in the marketing world, is to communicate with potential customers in a customized manner because the human factor is the thing that establishes the bond of trust. Thus, if you are handling the lead generation process on your own, it is significant to come up with personalized email content and sent it to prospects.

Keeping the quality of email content high is essential because if your messages don’t educate prospects about your products and services, the chances of getting valuable leads in the sales funnel will drop to a large extent. This is what you surely don’t want to happen, right?

Don’t know how to develop customized email content? Here are a few tips you need to follow:

  • Keep the language simple and relevant.
  • Address customers by their name.
  • Add emoticons in accordance with the context.

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2. Keep the length of email content short

By all means, first-rate email content can help you generate a myriad of leads, but it doesn’t mean that you can write an essay about your business and products/services. Email messages are all about to deliver vital information without any clutter, so don’t be afraid of getting to the point after some introductory lines.

It may come as a surprise to you that maximum readers will thank you for sending concise messages. Plus, there is no point in adding superfluous content as this will end up in the sheer wastage of time and efforts.

Things to remember:

  • Educate prospects in fewer words.
  • Keeping email content crisp, clear and concise doesn’t mean you should use only abbreviations.
  • Attach infographics to your emails.

3. Work on subject lines

Well-written subject lines are vitally important as they decide the email open rate. By and large, readers decide to read or delete emails by only having a glance at subject lines. So, yes, compelling subject lines are highly essential for the success of your email marketing campaign.

You shouldn’t take the prominence of subject lines lightly as your efforts in developing A-Okay email content will be meaningless if nobody is going to open your messages. Hence, it would be great if you spend enough time on your subject lines.

Here are a few tips to develop compelling subject lines:

  • Make sure your created subject lines are easy to understand and give the sense of your brand message.
  • Keep the length of your subject lines short and relevant.
  • Don’t complicate things by adding spammy words in your subject lines.

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4. Optimize your emails for mobile users

Statistically, 60% of email users check their unread messages through mobile devices due to ease of accessibility. Most of them hit the delete button when they find misalignment in the text, no matter how crucial information that message is carrying. Generally, the problem of misalignment arises because of extremely exceeded email width.

Oftentimes, inexperienced marketers don’t take care of email width while developing content for lead generation, and this as a negative consequence, results in email deletion.

Therefore, if you are generating leads on your own, keep your emails’ width under 500 pixels to make certain that your messages don’t go unread due to any silly blunder.

Getting the desired number of leads is easy in the event of using the right techniques like email marketing. With the help of this write-up, we have discussed some practices that should be followed to generate a myriad of leads thru email marketing. Hope you will succeed while employing the aforementioned practices.

Thanks for reading!

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