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Do you Know the Best Amazing Fact About Pubg? 

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has become the leading sensational game since its launch. The game offers exponential exposure that increases the use of smartphones. PUBG got launched in the year 2017 for android as well as IOS devices and is since transcended in pop culture. In spite of being so popular, it has various interesting facts that still create mystery about the game. Out of all, the best amazing fact about pubg is mentioned here. 

PUBG creator- Brendan Greene is an Irish born developer. Greene report PUBG 2 is not scheduled and still didn’t get released. The name of the game is not relevant but weird and has a good reason behind. This is because of the reason, the gamer is an avid gamer and he wishes to keep the player name unknown. In PUBG the rarest item- Virtual Red Bandana got launched in 2017 and is available in boxes. After some time, it is stopped and rarely features this increases manifolds. 

PUBG hold the biggest world record for the most played game. Currently, the player range is 3,106,358. It is being under top five most played games. 

Top 10 best amazing facts –

PUBG is the most popular game that nearly worth $1000 with original pre-order of the game version. It is only available with the original pre-order bundle. 

It sets world record with most simultaneous players. It has beaten Valve Dota 2 with a record of 1,342,857 players.

PUBG creator Brendon Greene started modding ARMA series and game design. Brendon started taking interest in modding while playing DAYZ a mod. The basic concept of the game got originated from there. 

If you see a message like “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER”, then you are a winner. This feature carries from early game-modes. This concept dates back to prior concepts. It came from alley craps. 

PUBG access version is made available on steam. The PUBG first version got released on March 23, 2017, on Steam platform. It reached a skyrocket height with 2 million copies in one month. 

Known to be the best selling game for 2017. 

PUBG will allow the players to play and record gameplays along with cinematic camera views as well as great cinematic footage. 

The advertisement of PUBG is not carried out by Blue Hole Studios. It has become famous and popular via unique game play. 

PUBG is made accessible on XBOX ONE X. It has partnered with Microsoft and would be released with awesome cinematic graphics trying to match the competitive environment of consoles and PC at stages. 

PUBG is arriving at PS4. This is just a rumor and PUBG file include a steam content ID for European and North America. The PUBG PS4 version is spotted on Korean website and has announced for Mobile, PC, and Xbox One. 

Yes, it is a fact that cheating is not at all tolerated all over the world so as with PUBG. It can ban a player for 100 years if used inappropriate program, or bug abuse. Make sure you don’t become the one. 


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