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Digital Marketing: Advertising Through Internet

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is process through which services and products are advertised using the digital technology using internet. Digital marketing has changed the ways of advertising various brands. As the digital platforms are increasing day by day, there is more competition among the various brands. Everyone is availing themselves with this technology, so as to promote their brands as much as they can. As this process of marketing the services and products is more fast and effective than traditional marketing practices. It benefits the business of all sizes to access the market at affordable price. There are lot of differences between the traditional marketing and digital marketing. These are as follows:

  • In Traditional marketing, we need to wait for weeks to see whether there is any improvement in business. But in Digital Marketing the results are very fast and more accurate.
  • Traditional marketing involves more cost than that of digital marketing.
  • To operate the digital marketing tactics, you need to have proper training in it. As there is involvement of new technology, whereas there no need of such training for traditional marketing.
  • Traditional marketing provides you face to face contact with the customers whereas the customers in digital marketing comes in contact only through internet.
  • Marketing in traditional sense don’t provide worldwide extend where as this provides us with the facility that we can extend our business anywhere.

There are various digital marketing training institutes in Delhi. Not only in Delhi but these training institutes are available throughout the country which train people how to use the latest technology related to marketing. There are many benefits of digital marketing which are as follows:

  • Global Reach: The access with internet allows you to find new markets and take your business to access in any part of the world. With small investments, you will capable to establish your business anywhere in the world.
  • Lower cost: A well planned digital marketing strategies can reach their right customers at much lower cost than that of the traditional markets methods which involve high cost and more efforts.
  • Trackable, measurable results:With the help of web analytics and other metric tools, you can measure your online marketing. you can have detailed information about the response of customers about the product.
  • Personalization: If your customer database is linked with your website, whenever someone visits the site, you can target the customers with offers. It makes you more customer friendly.
  • Openness: By getting involved with social media sites, there is more openness with the customers. You can build the reputation on these social media sites. Now a days people are more attached to social media sites. They get more information about the trending products from these sites only.
  • Social Currency: the advertisements made here use content marketing tactics. When these contents like images, videos or articles go viral then you gain social currency.

Every technology which is being created in market has its own disadvantages as well. These are as follows:

  • Skills and training: To operate the digital marketing tactics. First of the staff needs proper training to carry out various digital marketing activities. Tools and techniques change rapidly. So you have to keep yourself updated to the new technology.
  • High competition: while with the help of digital marketing. Many businesses are availing the benefit of it to extend themselves globally. This is creating a high competition in the market. It creates a challenge for every business that how to grab attention of the customers.
  • Security issues: There are many security issues as well. Many customers are being be fooled by some hackers, as they are taking the help of some reputed brands. To make the brands position down.

Everything thing in this world has two phases, so we have to accept them. Even we should learn the new things which are coming in the market to ourselves updated with the latest things. There are many best institute for digital marketing course in Delhi, thattrains the people how to work on thedigital marketing. They teach the students to first of create the website with word press. Here you will learn to create e commerce websites, health sites, corporate websites, etc. and you can also learn the basic structure of HTML. After this they will tell you about search engine optimization. It is the process to make the webpage optimize in various search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc. it is totally strategy based work. The next step to this is Search Engine Marketing. It is process to make your advertisements more visible through creating and bidding adds with the help of google adwords. It is the platform in which you can create your advertisements using various networks. After that also if you want that your ads should appear to more people, the further process to it is social media optimization. With the help of this process the advertisements are more available on the social media sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.. These are mobile marketing, email marketing, video marketing etc. which are taught to the students in their marketing course.

Many people are getting attracted to this field. As there will be much scope of these things today and in future as well. This field requires an innovative mind to design attractive advertisements, so that it can be easy to target their customers. But to get train in this field is not the cup of everyone’s tea. These institutes teaching digital marketing courses charge high fees for this. There are many institutes in India which have collaboration with the foreign institutes as well. Even Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi was launched Digital India movement on 1st july,2015. This campaign was launched in order to avail government services in electronic form to citizens of country. This movement includes the plan to connect the rural and backward areas with high speed internet. It includes the schemes like Make in India, Startup India, etc. Many activities are done through internet. This only possible because of advancement in the technology. Many activities like electronic business, electronic marketing are possible through internet.

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