Connecting Cosmetic Manufacturers and Suppliers

Cosmetics are something which is used to alter or enhance the beauty of an individual. All human beings use some kind of cosmetic product. Whether it is a moisturizer or expensive eyeliner, every product has its own benefits and uses. These are used to make one more attractive and good-looking. These can be poured, sprayed or rubbed by an individual to improve one’s appearance. Nowadays cosmetics are also used in movies to create artificial appearances like that of zombies and ghosts to give a ghastly feeling.

Cosmetic products like moisturizers, hairspray, lipstick, eye shadow and body lotions manufactured by various cosmetic manufacturing companies are sold all over the world. However, the recent practice of adulteration and use of harmful chemicals in cosmetic products is uncalled-for. Use of these cosmetic products can cause serious damage to the skin like skin rashes and can even lead skin cancer. Moreover, testing of cosmetic products on animals is also a cruel practice which must be abolished. Counterfeit i.e. fake products are being sold by suppliers to generate profits. It is the duty of the government and cosmetic manufacturing companies to ensure right products reach the suppliers.

Government has taken certain steps in this direction by creating a separate law and act in the constitution to ensure animals are not harmed in the testing phase. Moreover, both companies and suppliers have to disclose the ingredients used to manufacture the products. The law also prohibits the companies to make false claims and lure the suppliers to sell their products using attractive catalogs.

Manufacturers are also required to keep complete track record of the kind of materials used in manufacturing the products and must comply with all safety norms. Cosmetic product suppliers will have complete freedom to call for any information from the company and the right to cancel any order if the same is not supplied. On the hand it is the duty of the suppliers to make prompt payment to the companies and not harass them by making unnecessary demands. Mutual respect and belonging should be maintained by both the parties in a transaction.

Cosmetic are used to enhance beauty of an Individual but manufacturing fake products in order to generate profits is not a welcome move. Both manufacturers and suppliers must follow the prescribed rules and laws. They must ensure each other’s interest is protected and in turn no harm comes to the environment. Companies must go for a complete background check cosmetic product suppliers to ensure they are certified suppliers and have registered themselves with government. Similarly, suppliers must source their products from well-established companies with goodwill. Government must make manufacturing laws strict for the companies but should also ensure they do not become a hindrance in making prompt delivery to the suppliers.

Indian market and markets all around the world is full of different range of cosmetic products. But selling adulterated products destroys the very purpose for which they are manufactured. Companies must take full responsibility to curb this menace by directly selling the products to the suppliers rather than bending the law for their benefit. Mutual respect is the need of the hour.

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