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Buy reviews Google My business: Don’t make the mistake!

If you have read our articles, you certainly know the importance of Google My Business online reviews. It is necessary to regularly obtain online assessments on your Google My Business (GMB) page and that these are positive. For several reasons such as SEO, brand visibility, online reputation, etc. Acquiring positive reviews at a constant pace will give your company growth. This allows generating a supplementary business volume in addition to loyalty to your client. If your mind has bought Google My Business reviews, here I tell you why it is a bad idea.

1 – Never buy fake Google reviews!

Statistics presented after a study by La Fervid, Médiamétrie and Net Ratings, have revealed that almost half of Internet users are informed about a product before buying it. Not only do they search for information about the product on the web, but they also find what they need in the reviews posted by other people. The importance of this practice has a logical consequence, strict supervision of online reviews, economic impact and in terms of reputation; it is very much at risk.

Google’s penalty in case of false reviews.

In its “Regulation concerning the content added by the user in Maps”. Google is very clear about what is considered a false opinion. All online reviews that are considered false by Google will simply disappear, and the company will be placed below searches. This means that the money you paid for reviews will disappear and it will cost you more money to be able to recover the position in the searches.

The reviews must come from real customers who have made a purchase in your store, booked at your hotel or experienced your services.

The perception of false reviews by Internet users.

In the best case, the fake reviews are deleted, and you will have lost all the budget money you put into these. But not only this, if your clients emphasize that you are looking to deceive them anyway, you will end their trust. All the work you have done in loyalty to your customers will be lost, and you will have to establish actions to improve the lost traffic on your site. Now if a customer notes that you have used false reviews, you can decide to go to social networks and there, everything can happen, and you would be at risk of a bad buzz which could cause the closure of your doors.

Clients who feel cheated will not pass up your “cunning” and denounce you, or invite other Internet users to start a campaign against you.

2 – Adopt good e-reputation practices

If you want to invite your customers to leave you online reviews about your product or service on your Google My Business page, here are some methods to implement. For example, if your regular customers are of goodwill, sensitize them with regard to the problem of online reputation. Ask them to leave you an opinion of their experience is the first step. We must also explain that several positive reviews by the same person are not beneficial for the brand, although they seek to do so in goodwill and above all just leave reviews about products and services they have used.

Inside your company, it is essential to sensitize your employees to the existence of the google my business page and the importance of the reviews, to remind a client who mentions that they have had a good experience in your establishment, it is the best time to ask him to leave a review on your GMB page.

3 – How to get more reviews in Google My Business?

To get reviews on Google, you have to ask your customers, ask them to share their experience! Signage in your establishment, a poster at the reception, a note in the room, is effective tools.

Your clients may lack ideas to write about, you can give recommendations with examples such as: “Did you like breakfast? Do not forget to leave your opinion on Google. “To maintain the sincerity of the reviews, never promise something in exchange for a good opinion this is prohibited and will have consequences if the opinion platforms realize, and believe me they will.

If you have purchased your client online, do not forget to send him an email to ask for his opinion! Each evaluation counts on its positioning and to help you improve your services and products. Guest Suite proposes a quick solution to automate the collection of reviews and thanks to our partnership with Google; these reviews will automatically go to your Google My Business page.

Wassay Ahmed is the president and Co-founder of Ideas Web Service, a company driven by results. With its top-class web services, the company claims to provide you with successful SEO campaigns for your business. Wassay has nearly 5 years of SEO, Digital Marketing, and Web Developments experience. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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