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Best Travel Agency in the World – Parameters for Booking Travel Agency

No matter, how much one is busy, one somehow manages time to escape out and experience the outer world. Travelling offers various benefits; it opens our mind, helps us in understanding cultures across the globe and increases our knowledge about the particular country we are visiting. These days’ humans travel for a different purpose, some travel for recreation, some for business trips and some for exploration and adventure. 

Each excites humans in their unique way. Now when one is planning to travel one always wants someone to make a plan for them so travel agency arranges the trip for them. Various authentic travel agencies are there which offers exciting trips to an individual or group in a professional way and one can book trips online or offline.

Parameters for booking travel agency

There are various criteria which we have to keep in mind while booking the best travel agency in the world to obtain authentic traveling experience and these are


Various travel agencies are given accreditation and they are certified by the various government organizations and private traveling bodies. It offers trust and authenticity about the travel agency. Look for the logo of the accrediting body for example ASTA that is American society of travel advisers offers certified logo and assured customer of authenticity.


It is similar to accreditation but it is given on the individual level. These types of certifications ensure that the agents have the necessary experience in the travel industry and are capable of solving the problems of the travel industry professionals.


Various fees are taken by travel agent while booking a trip for someone because of their time spent in researching about the tickets, places and booking travel arrangements. Charges related to airline and hotel charges are charged from customer.

International travel planning

booking which is done outside the domestic country is expensive compared to domestic travel as the former includes additional paperwork and visa requirements so trusted travel agency takes less time in doing these things.

Famous travel agencies


It offers guided tours to various popular destinations such as America, Africa, and Europe. It has associated with some trusts which offer services in promoting sustainable tourism.

Audley travel

It has custom made trips which are based on the input of the client. The best thing it provides is planning and discussing the trip online with travel advisors. The client is provided with assistance in mid trips.

Fox world travel

It is very popular in offering trips to corporate travelers in America. Also provides theme-based travel like for wedding it gives wedding destinations list and for the adventure, it gives offbeat destinations to travelers. Currency converters are provided to customers on an online basis.

Jacada travel

It provides age-specific tours like for senior citizens it provides church travel route, for teenagers Disney world and water park tours and adventurers, wildlife safari tours. They also provide tools for making travel documentary.


It can be inferred that by adhering to certain points while booking a travel agency, one could choose an authentic tour operator, which can turn a vacation into an extraordinary experience.


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