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Best Food for your Dental Health – Good Guys Food

What type of food is truer to your gums and teeth? Often people eat starchy food and sugary drinks however they are just feeding germs or bacteria that will cause tooth decay as well as gum disease in the mouth. Most of the times foul smell and plaque which are sticky film; invisible, thin bacteria cover the surface of the teeth. It then attacks your teeth after you got finished with eating. It breaks down the enamel and leads to tooth decay. Sometimes you can see an inflammatory response as well. Is there any solution for it? Know the best food for your dental health from the points below. 

The good guy’s Food-

  • Fiber-rich vegetables and fruits- food with fiber aid in keeping your gums and teeth clean stated by ADA or American Dental Association, it also receives saliva flowing. It seems to be the best natural defense toward gum diseases and cavity. Since saliva contains phosphate and calcium traces that help to restore minerals which got lost from bacterial acids. 
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, and dairy products– another saliva maker in the list is Cheese. The phosphate, and calcium in milk, and calcium in cheese help in putting the minerals back to your teeth. It thus builds tooth enamel. 
  • Black and green teas- the black and green tea contain polyphenols which would interact with bacteria. It will not only kill but also hold back the bacteria. Thus prevent from making acid or growing that would attack the teeth. It also offers a source of fluoride depending on the water type you pick to brew the tea. 
  • Sugarless Chewing gum– chewing gum is another great saliva source that would remove food particles. 
  • Foods with fluoride- fluoridated drinking water make fluoridated water that will greatly help the teeth. It might include powered juices as well as dehydrated soups. One can use commercially prepared foods like powered cereals, seafood, poultry products, and other products that give fluoride. 

What to avoid?

Stay away from things like-

  • Sweets and sticky candies– if you like to eat sweets, then your teeth will wash off quickly. Avoid stuff like caramels, lollipops, etc. 
  • Starchy foods that stick in the mouth– avoid potato chips and soft bread as it gets trapped in between the teeth.
  • Carbonated soft drinks- drinks are the main source of sugar among teens and kids. It contains phosphoric as well as citric acid that will wear away the enamel. 
  • A substance that dry your mouth– This might include medicines as well as alcohol. 

How to keep your mouth healthy?

The ADA offers certain tips that reduce Tooth-decay risk-

  • Eat sugary food only with meals. 
  • Limit in-between meal snacks. Each something nutritious 
  • Drink more water. The fluoridated water prevents tooth decay 
  • Brush teeth twice 
  • Floss once 

Fortunately, foods like milk, cheese, and vegetables keep the teeth nice. Avoid foods like candy that is harmful. Start taking high-fiber food that would promote healthy cholesterol level and good digestion and do wonders for teeth.

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