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Best Amazing Facts About Samsung Phones

Whenever you need a new gadget or smartphone, which brand comes to your mind? Samsung as it is the leaders in the market of electronic appliances and smartphones. Right from the innovation to the technological development, Samsung has been the leader in every forefront. It’s amazing and mind blowing gadgets including smartphones are widely loved by the users. But, do you know much about Samsung’s journey? No, then here are few amazing facts about manufacturer that is ruling the mobile world. 

The amazing facts about Samsung

The story of Samsung begins in 1938 since then the company has undergone many highs and lows to reach to this position. It has continuously evolved itself and tries to bring innovation in the market of electronics. 

Fact 1– who gave it name?

Samsung name was given by its founder lee byung-chull where the meaning of name is three stars. Their aim is to shine like stars forever in the sky of digital world.

Fact 2- do you know what the first product Samsung sold?

The first product that Samsung sold was a black and white TV of 12 inch in 1970 earlier it used to sell noodles and other produce.

Fact 3- how much employees Samsung have till now?

Samsung is a worldwide employer where, it has branches in 79 countries having staff over 236,000 staff.

Fact 4- Samsung logo

The present logo of Samsung was first use in 1993 before that two logos were developed.

Fact 5- about the KF-16

Samsung has also made a fighter jet, its first ever, the KF-16 for air force of South Korea.

Fact 6- Samsung’s gift to its staff

The US headquarters of Samsung has installed 34 electrical car charging ports for its staff to help them move easily.

Fact 7- 837

What are 837? It is a building name in New York own by Samsung. This is a digital playground where Samsung show off its kit like huge theater display, galaxy view playroom and a VR tunnel.

Fact 8– large number of employees

The percent of employees Samsung had in 2013 was 460% more than that apple has. In 2013, apple has only 80,000 employees whereas Samsung had staff of 370,000 employees.

Fact 9- sustainability 

Samsung has joined hands with the UN to achieve sustainable development goals in 2015. For the year 2030, it is working with the UN to achieve SDGs goals like ending hunger, gender equality and more. 

Fact 10– environment friendly

Samsung had invested around $4.8 billion between the years 2009 to 2013 and helped in reducing greenhouse gases by 85 million tonnes.

Fact 11- burj khalifa 

Samsung business is not limited to technology area but its empire stretches to other areas like construction sector where it was responsible for building the Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building.

Fact 12– robust R&D

Samsung has more than 7670 U.S. patents by any other companies in the world by the year 2015. Even IBM, Google, Apple and Microsoft were lagging behind it.

Samsung has really come a long way since 1938 to build the largest empire in the market. 


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