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Best Amazing Fact About Uber – Uber Services 

No other company did something extraordinary in changing the public transportation system like Uber. The way Uber technologies revolutionized the public transportation system is unprecedented and out of the box. It has made transportation easier and affordable across the globe. With its innovative technology, Uber has set an example for others to follow in terms of development. Uber started as a peer to peer ride-sharing service has now expanded its operations to other services like food delivery system and bicycle sharing system. 

With its growing popularity, it has a huge market share and because of that, it manages to earn significant revenue.  As far as safety in Uber cars is concerned new methods like panic buttons and emergency call buttons are provided to women for safe travel.

Facts about Uber

There are best amazing facts about Uber which will make you more aware of the interesting steps taken by Uber so enjoy the ride with some cool stuff.

No discount to drivers

The company do not give any preferential treatment to drivers and are treated equally to passengers so whenever a driver working in Uber wants to ride as the passenger it has to pay the full amount from going one place to other.

Design firms shares name

Some other design firm was operating under the name of Uber inc, which was its earlier name and because of this there was controversy about the originality of name and then to avoid the problem Uber changed their name from inc to technologies.

Restriction on the age of the car

It is a cool feature that if the Uber car is 10 years old then it will not be allowed to exist as after a certain period the car emits pollution so for the convenience of the passenger this step was taken.

Uber served as the delivery room

It happened that a woman while traveling into Uber car gave birth to a young one so Uber sends a delivery car with doctors and the delivery was conducted professionally. Just an additional amount was given to the Uber.

Rental cars

Uber also employs young graduates for example if one does not have a car it gives car on rentals just at an amount of some rupees. Even the cell phones are given on rent. Sometimes the driver takes a car on lease and once the lease is over he has to pay some amount for the leased car.

No tips are given

Generally, it is seen in a restaurant that tips are included in the bill. In the case of Uber there are no tips given and if the driver has done a good job one can give rating accordingly and so after rating some amount is given to the driver.

Anyone can seat

In Uber, any person can seat as long as the person is paying the money. It could be a prostitute too so even illegal people are also allowed.


From the above-mentioned facts, many hidden points were revealed and we didn’t think it as exciting now after getting aware we come to know that it is more than the public transport system.


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