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Are you Recommended for ACL Reconstruction Surgery? Avail the Cost-Effective Treatment in India.


ACL injuries not only hamper a person physically but also disturbs the mental state of the person. It is difficult to get over the trauma of not being able to return to the field again. No sportsperson can bear the pain of not playing again and spoiling his sports career. However, if you have come across an ACL injury, keep your hopes alive. It is because you can receive the 100% successful treatment for ACL in India irrespective of the complexity of the damage.

The doctors in India are highly experienced and have expertise in performing the ACL Reconstruction Surgery. Most of the players, who underwent the treatment in the country have restarted with their sports career and performing far better than that of before the injury. 

The top orthopaedics in the country are a true blessing for all. It is not only because the surgeons deliver successful surgeries but also because the Cost of ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India is very low. For the doctors in India, the improvement in the health condition of the patient is far valuable than the money.

What is the Approximate Cost of ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India?

The starting cost of ACL Reconstruction Surgery is USD 3,200. However, the price may increase depending on the degree ofbreakdown of the anterior cruciate ligament. If the repairing of the damaged ACL is possible using the grafts of the patient itself, that is Autograft ACL Reconstruction Surgery then the charges of the treatment does not exceed 5,000 US dollars.

On the contrary, if the reconstruction surgery is not possible using the healthy graft from the patient, then the cost of treatment increases. The procedure in such a condition is known as allograft ACL reconstruction. In this process, the graft is retrieved from a dead donor. Depending on the state of the patient and the area of ligament damage, the procedure of the allograft reconstruction varies, and so does the cost. 

There can be some other factors, too, that determine the ACL Surgery Cost in India. It includes:

  • The costs of treatment in a particular hospital, where the patient wishes to avail the treatment
  • The treatment fees of the medical team
  • Travelling expenses from your country to India
  • The number of days to be spent in the hospital and outside the hospital, for follow-up care
  • Costs involved in medication and diagnosis
  • Duration of the recovery period and more.

Including all the minor and major expenses involved in medical proceedings of ACL reconstruction in India, the costs of treatment in the country is nominal in comparison to other parts of the world. 


If you are suffering from a severe ACL injury, and the doctors have tried all the non-surgical ways of treatment; plan for undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery if you do not observe any improvement in your condition. Please plan to undergo surgery in India. It will enhance the chances of success of the operation and also reduces the possibility of any severe complications.

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