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Apply for an Indian Visa E Tourist Visa and fly to India quickly!!!

Visa is official permission granted to a person for tourism. It is a stamp available on the individual’s passport by the country to which the person is visiting. Additionally, it also clarifies the basis of a person going to that particular purpose .it allows a time period for which a person can stay in another country. It can be valid for single or multiple visits like a person who wants to visit two states at one time. An Indian tourist visa is granted to people who want to like to visit India for tourism or other non-business related purposes.

Apply For an Indian Tourist Visa Online 

In order to get an Indian Visa E Tourist Visa online, you must have a residence or occupation in India. There are many types of visa which works according to the period of the person or for which purpose a person wants to travel in various countries like business visa, student visa, employment visa, etc. A visa is not like the passport, and it does contain the date, sex, etc. if a person’s period is complete for that particular visa, he/she must have to renew that visa for the next travel.

It is necessary to submit the fees: 

There is a fee paid by the candidate who wants to apply for the visa, which also different according to the time of traveler want to stay in that particular country. If a U.S. citizen applies for the visa, then validity for U.S. citizens can get a six month, five years, or 10-year tourist visa under a bilateral agreement. However, non-U.S. citizens are only eligible for up to a six-month tourist visa. The maximum limit duration of stay in India is limited to 6 months on each visit.

If foreign national applies for a tourist visa within one month of the expiry of previous tourist visa, the Indian embassy would examine the application thoroughly and refer such cases to foreigners division for clearance before granting fresh tourist visa.

The government introduced a special E Tourist Visa for Foreigners:

In November 2014 government launched an online tourist visa for 43 countries. The government did this to promote tourism so that there occurs an enhancement in the GDP of the country. Currently, travelers from more than 160 countries can apply for an Indian tourist visa or medical e-visa, depending on the purpose of their visit to India.  

Get the E Tourist visa just by completing the official procedure: 

It is quite simple and easy to apply for online visa .travelers pay the online fee and receive their online permission before traveling to India. It is an official document which permits the entry of other countries travelers to India officially. To apply for the Electronic Tourist Visa India it is necessary to have a passport copy in PDF format, along with a digital passport photo in JPEG format. Additionally, a credit or debit card or pay pal account of the candidate who wants to apply for the online visa is also needed to get the E tourist visa.

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