About Jay Shetty Motivational Speaker

Do you know that Jay Shetty is the person who has lived at monk for almost 3 years and built many philanthropic ventures? He is not only a storyteller but he is a host, viral content creator, an experiment maker, etc. He has a mission to spread the knowledge all over at the pace that people want entertainment and he likes to call this as “making wisdom go viral”. He has launched his first youtube channel in the year 2016. His channel comprises of 24+ millions of followers and has gained views over 4 billion on his channel.

Jay Shetty net worth

He is the most popular YouTuber from London. His net worth is estimated at 2.5 million dollars which is a big amount. He always wanted to become a monk after his graduation from college turning down all the top job offers. He was studying behavior science. He has spent most of his time in India during summers. During this time, he was always up to find a balance between the new science and the old book. He was always fascinated by ancient wisdom and behavior science.

Jay Shetty online content in his channel comprises and focused on somehow encouraging his viewers, telling them how to become a better person and build a better world around them. 

Lessons to learn from Jay Shetty life

Here are two of the epic life lessons to learn from the former monk turned entrepreneur Jay Shetty

Do not let technology own you

Technology is not a bad thing as long as we control our dependence on it. After coming from monk Jay has seen that most people have become slaves of their mobile phones these days. They have a habit of checking their phones 100 times a day. Jay Shetty is a great example who has made use of technologies in a great way and has not been a victim of this hamster wheel. You should use such technologies to benefit yourself and others. You should not become dependent on your technological devices. Jay uses this technological up-gradation to present his positive messages to the public via different social media platforms with balancing his real life. 

Try to get out of your comfort zones

Jay went to a monk at the age of 18. He left his comfortable life back and took a step which was not under his comfort zone. His life would have been completely different if he would not have taken this step. So you should also try to push your boundaries. You should challenge yourself on a daily basis. Our mind and thinking love familiarity which makes us weak to change our choices. But the thing is that the growth in your life is only possible if you put a step outside your comfort zone. 

This was all about the motivational speaker Jay Shetty. He is a kind soul who is helping, a lot of people in the society from his encouraging videos. He has presented several videos and examples to motivate people in their lives.


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