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8 Essential Tips To Choose the Right TV Screen

choosing tv screen

When shopping for a new TV, one of the most common mistakes that people make is to buy the wrong sized one or even the wrong combination of size and resolution. It becomes a big regret and also puts a dent in your pocket since a good Smart TV price isn’t cheap at all.

Many people need to realize that when it comes to televisions, bigger isn’t always better. Yes, if you have a huge living room or bedroom then a giant TV is great, otherwise, it’s a no-no.

So, what size is right for you? You can figure it out by deciding where you plan on sitting to watch it and then measuring the distance between it. Here are 8 best tips that would help you to choose the perfect TV screen.

Measure the Distance from the Mount to your Seating Area

It is called the viewing distance and it is very important for estimating the best TV screen for your room. Arranging your room is the first thing to do so you know where you will be sitting. Now use a tape measure to calculate the distance and write down the number on a piece of paper.

Calculate the Maximum TV size

This is the best way where you will be able to determine the perfect TV screen size for you. If the TV size is bigger than the maximum size then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. It would just spoil your TV viewing experience and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the whole picture on your TV screen. You can multiply the TV size by the number 0.667 to know the maximum size.

If you sit near 9 ft. or 108 inches from the TV then you wouldn’t want to go for a screen size bigger than 72 inches.

Check the Viewing Range

You can multiply the size of the TV with 2 to know if it is in your viewing range. Pick the TV size and do the calculation then compare it with your room setup. It will help you in getting the right screen size for your room. Moreover, a lot of things depend on your room layout as well.

If you are sitting 9 ft. or 108 inches across then you can look out for 54 inch TVs. As, 54 x 2 = 108.

Viewing Distance for 4K TVs

You would find the 4K TV to have an amazing picture quality. If you choose to sit close to the TV, you wouldn’t be seeing the pixels on the screen. This is great for people who want to view TV in smaller spaces.

The 4K TVs are all about providing you with the optimal viewing experience. However, it isn’t so that you require to enjoy your TV sitting in a smaller space. You get an Ultra HD screen if you want to sit farther away from your TV.

Seats in front of the TV

Without any doubt, the best seat is right in front of the TV.  If you are getting a bigger screen then you will fit a larger group of people right in front of the TV. You should get a smaller screen if you want it for individual use or have a small family. The trick is to make sure that all the people you are entertaining fits right in front of the TV screen.

You should go with a 32-inch screen if you are the only one who is going to watch the TV. However, if you are someone who wants to entertain bigger group of people then go with a 43-inch screen.

Bigger Screen to Increase Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of a TV is how far one can stand from the screen and watch the TV. If you walk away from the mount of the TV, you will know the right angle as anyone outside of the viewing angle wouldn’t be able to see the screen. Getting a larger TV screen means that the width of the viewing angle increases and more people can fit in.

Smaller Screen Increase Room Space

If you don’t want your TV to take your entire room space, then go with a smaller screen. Big-screen TVs take a lot of space and become a massive piece of furniture.

Resolution Matters

Now you would want a good combination of your screen size and the resolution. If you want to sit closer to your screen then go with an Ultra HD screen. However, 4K TV screens are recommended if you plan on sitting farther away from your TV.  

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