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7 Attractive places to visit in India during winter

The holidays throughout winters in India signify a possibility to feel a novel place in its very pristine form. Even if you are searching for a winter wonderland or a beach run away to break out the cold, here are a few famous places you can visit throughout winters.

Pondicherry from Tamil Nadu

Go away from the commotion of big cities and make a move in your rental car from Chennai towards the calm small town in the south- Pondicherry. You cannot miss out its French union, the tree-lined boulevards, old-styled colonial legacy buildings, and a never-ending draw out of unspoilt and ideally virgin seashores. The backwaters, the unbelievable selection of restaurants furnishing a variety of foods and water sports in Pondicherry assist in experiencing paradise on earth in winters.

Places to visit in winters in Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry Beach, Rock Beach, French war memorial, Auroville.

Ranthambore from Delhi

Snuggled in the foothills of Aravali hills and Vindhya, Ranthambore is best recognized for its tiger reserves and a range of bio-network. The Ranthambore National Park and the Fort together with its nearby hills and valleys, jointly create Ranthambore a traveler’s and nature photographer’s dream. It is ideal for outings and tourism all through winters. Ranthambore safari rides append to the escapade and you may purchase Rajasthani handworks like souvenirs. Your trip to Ranthambore via hiring a car rental would only append to the fun.

Places to visit in winters in Ranthambore:  Tiger reserve and Ranthambore Fort, Surwal Lake

Jogi Mahal, Kachida Valley, Anantpura and Lakarda.

Trivandrum from Kochi

Charming beaches, snoozing hill slopes, magical ponds, historic tombstones, and well-known sacred centers are all fixed against a vivacious artistic background in the city of Anantha known as Trivandrum. Since you go on seeing this strange capital in winters, you would be privy to its puzzling mix of cultures. Its clean, green, and secure streets with reasonable weather would make you thrilled. You can get a rental car from Kochi and take a trip of 204 km to go to tourist places in Trivandrum on an impressive road trip.

 Places to visit in winters in Trivandrum: Poovar, Kovalam Beach, Neyyar Dam, Ponmudi, Kombaikani Falls

Thrissur from Kochi

We will suggest you reserve the best hotels in Thrissur beforehand. Then begin with conventional sightseeing of this educational capital of Kerela. Ancient temples and holy places here are admired with the greatest sincerity. Thrissur is a place of many edifying festivals and occasions with Pooram being the best. The citizens of Thrissur are very friendly and would always consider you through fascinating stories of history. If you truly want to explore the gradations of Thrissur, take an exciting and fanciful trip in winters through hiring a rental car in Kochi to this heaven-like city.

Places to visit in winter in Thrissur:  Athirappilly Waterfalls, Kerala Kalamandalam, Chavakkad   Beach, Vazhachal Falls

Lonavla from Pune

Lonavla is the destination to visit throughout the winter weather. With a stunning range of waterfalls, lakes, and hills all over, Lonavala is seen by all types of people, particularly hikers and trekkers. A part of the Sahyadri hills, Lonavla gives an impressive and appealing feel of nature’s most gifted area. It is a must-see for a nature follower and people needing a good trip throughout the winter period. Also, go to Khandala and Rajmachi near to Lonavala’s well-known places in your charming road trip with a car rental from Pune.

Places to visit in winters in Lonavla: Bushi dam, Bhaja caves, Rajmachi fort, Karla caves, Ryewood Lake.

Ooty from Bangalore

For lovers of mountain, Ooty or Queen of the Hills deals with a stately splendour like no one, creating it one of the best locations to see in winter for them. It is easy, the need for barriers and culture would please the center of your being. The tour all through the winter season in Ooty is scattered with plentiful and rich places such as the Nilgiri hills, tea-gardens, and tranquil waterfalls. Convert it into an esteemed road trip by hiring a taxi service in Bangalore.

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Best places to visit in winter in Ooty: Ooty Lake, Nilgiri mountain railway, Rose Garden, Emerald Lake, Botanical Garden.

Hampi from Hyderabad

Hampi also is known as the city of ruins. It is located in the ignored depth of valleys and hills in Karnataka. The best time to see Hampi for history fawns is winters. You would get it encircled by 500 antique monuments, temples, lively street markets, and attractive remains of the Vijayanagar Empire.

Places to visit in winters in Hampi: Elephant stables, Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazaar, Queen’s Bath.

So, these were top locations to visit in winter in India. Apart from it, if you want to visit different places such as Coorg, then you can go for the best Coorg taxi package as well. 

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