6 Largest Body Parts in the World

Largest Neck

The largest neck in the world is found among st the pan dong women. According to history, the pan dong women of Thailand bound their necks with heavy iron brass rings which stretched the length of their necks. According to researchers of Satsuma Women University, it was discovered that with the aid of these rings the pan dong women’s neck is being stretched from the collarbone to the lower jaw at of 19.7cm. As early as five to nine years old girls of pan dong have won their first brass neck coil. As they grow older the coil stretches the length of the neck by applying pressure on the rib cage. The neck coil originated as a protection from the tiger that killed a great princess. Unfortunately, after civilizations sprung up and the women took off the neck collar the neck never regained its normal size. History has it that women were being punished for adultery by the removal of their neck coils.

The Stretchy Skin

Here is one man who could be mistaken for Mr.Fantastic in the fantastic four movies. The ability to stretch different parts of his skin to an unimaginable length of 15.8 inches is an achievement. Which made him to become the holder of the record for the human with the stretchy skin in the world. Gary Turner is an American born with the syndrome known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It is a medical disorder affecting the connective tissues the skin ligaments and internal organs. All those skin stretching is not really painful for Gary. Other aspects of the syndrome like that joints hurts in this medical deformity there is defectiveness in the collagen that strengthens and determines the elasticity of the skin. This could lead to high permeability and in some cases the rupturing of blood vessels. There is presently no cure for this syndrome.

The largest hand

The world record holder the man with the largest hands is one who was born with a rare medical condition called acromegaly. And as a result of a tumor affecting the pituitary gland two aids growth. Sultan Kosen had to go on with life by becoming a farmer and also a record-breaker as the man with the largest hands. Indeed Kosen picked up large pieces Sultan Kosen a Turkish born farmer has the height of 2.51 meters and is the tallest living man and also the seventh-tallest man that ever lived. The 36-year-old presently holds the record for the man with the largest hands. Measuring the length of his hand from the wrist of the tip of his middle finger Kosen’s hand measured 11.2 inches. With such great sized Kosen requires customized apparel and also needs crutches so that he can move properly in the end. This greatness might not really be admired.

The largest waistline

Buying a trouser belt would not be on the shopping list of Walter Hudson. Having a measured weight of approximately 1600 pounds there is absolutely no space for anyone else to fit in as the man with the largest waistline. He holds the record for the human with the largest waistline to ever live. Walter Hudson the New York resident had a waistline that measured approximately 119 inches. He is also recorded to be the fourth most obese human that ever lived. One would wonder what could make a man so big but the answers for those questions cannot be farfetched. A large chunk of this weight could be traced to his daily diet. As it was also recorded that Walter Hudson ate two cartons of sausage, a loaf of bread, 12 eggs, a pound of bacon, four hamburgers, four cheeseburgers, two chickens, eight pans of fries, four freshly baked potatoes and twelve pints of carbonated soda drink for his daily routine. With such a daily diet plan it is no longer a question how Walter Hudson became obese. But rather a question of why he never got up and hit the gym to regularize his growth however Walton Hudson died at the age of 47 after suffering from a heart attack caused by his obesity. But the record of the largest waistline has not been broken by anyone else.

The biggest eye protrusion

A great vision is every human’s dream and it is true that human’s ability to believe is largely dependent.  And that they can view with their eyes and so this unusual talent was cited by the Guinness World Record. Kim Goodman and American holds the record for the world’s biggest eye protrusion. Discovering a talent can sometimes be a difficult thing and sometimes a little mistake or an accident might just be the gateway to the discovery of an amazing talent. If you are good searcher on the google or an online movie watcher on the site like Movie Hustle you definitely have known about Kim. According to Kim Goodman discovering that this talent was an accident. She claimed that she discovered it when she was a little girl and was hit on the head with the hockey mask. She realized her eyes popped out farther than usual. Kim is able to pop out her eyes at 12mm at a position where it seems like more than half of her eyes are off the sockets.

The largest kidney

Sometimes greatness cannot be seen with the normal eye as is as the case of Ahmed Syed Mohammad. Ahmed holds the record for the man with the largest kidney in the world. He had a kidney weight of 4.25 kilograms and was awarded the record-breaking award in the UAE. After a kidney was removed by Dr. Bohr’s Bukhari a surgeon and head of the urology department at a hospital in Dubai. Ahmad actually suffered from a rare kidney disease known as polycystic kidney disease which had made his kidney’s nonfunctional. The disorder caused an abnormal growth of cysts development in both of his kidneys which resulted in its unusual size. The abnormal growth made it difficult for the 56 years old to breathe and walk comfortably. The kidney had compressed some of his body organs and that had prompted Ahmed to get them removed. In 2016 after he refused to have surgery in the year 2014.

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