6 Benefits Of The New LinkedIn Campaign Manager For Law Firms

LinkedIn recently overhauled its advertising management tool and included some new features in it. Here we are discussing the advantages of the remodeled LinkedIn Campaign Manager for law firms. The professional social network is an ideal platform for attorneys. It allows them to connect with potential clients, peers as well as lets them network with professionals in other fields. Lawyer online marketing also use the advertising platform offered by the social channel to promote their clients. The network is constantly looking to improve the experience of digital advertisers and the overhauling of the Campaign Manager is a step in this direction. Let’s see the advantages provided by the tool to advertisers in the legal industry.

1. Ability To Create Better Campaigns With Objective-based Advertising

Advertisers use the Campaign Manager tool to create, manage, and track their campaigns. Usually, users have to select a format for their adverts like text, video, etc. before they can choose the goal for the campaign. The professional social network has reversed this process and attorneys can choose the campaign objective like lead generation, increased website visits, etc. before choosing the type of their commercials. Once the users select the objective, they will be allowed to choose from only those ad units that are applied to that specific goal. This is a much better approach as it allows you to make all other decisions with regard to the identified goal. You can create ads based on the objective and optimize your campaigns by displaying them to audiences that are more likely to convert.

2. Provides An Opportunity To Improve The Brand Awareness Of Law Firms

Brand awareness has been included as a key objective in the Campaign Manager. All practice areas have become crowded leading to intense competition. Lawyers have to create a distinctive identity that sets them apart from their rivals. When you choose this goal in the ad management tool, you will need to pay only by impression. This is because your motive is to garner more attention rather than land more conversions. Law firm owners can run follower and spotlight ads. They can also display image ads with single pictures or a carousel of multiple ones apart from the usual text and video commercials. This campaign option has been created specifically for marketers who are looking to tell more members of the target audience about their brand.

3. Facility To Create Campaigns Optimized For Website Conversions

Conversion can be interpreted differently by various users. For some legal websites, the submission of the contact form will be categorized as a conversion. While for others, registering for an event will be considered as one. Due to this reason, the social platform has built a tighter integration with its conversion tracking tool. This will help legal marketers in creating an optimized campaign that is aligned with their conversion goal. Attorneys can run all types of adverts that the platform offers when they choose website conversions as their campaign objective. Running promotions that are completely in synchronization with conversion goals is one of the biggest benefits of the new and better LinkedIn Campaign Manager for law firms.

4. Offers A Chance To Attract The Best Talent To The Firm

People run ads on the network not only to promote their business but also for recruiting staff members. It is a good place for legal services to find new talent. However, just like in targeting clients, firm owners have to compete with others to attract the best people towards themselves. The third campaign objective offered by the re calibrated tool is called Job Applications. This feature is only for advertisers who are using the LinkedIn Talent Solutions service. It allows them to show the adverts to only those people who are most likely to view or click them. This improves the chances of receiving more completed applications and attracting the best talent to the firm.

5. Optimized Click Pricing Offers Better Value for Money

The updated version of the tool also has another useful feature that legal practitioners will love. It allows them to pay for only those actions that they categorize as valuable. For instance, if an attorney chooses website conversion as her goal, then she will only pay when someone clicks directly to her post-click location. This characteristic will be especially helpful to new firm owners who have just started marketing their practice.

6. Updated Version Provides An Improved User Experience 

The updated version of the tool provides a better user experience with easier navigation and a new forecasting panel. All the different screens have been merged into a single flow with lesser pages. Marketers have to click less and can easily navigate to the different sections. The forecasting panel will allow them to see the expected results of their campaigns that are based on their program’s input and related comparative data.


These are some of the top benefits of the updated version of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager for law firms. Legal practitioners can now spend their marketing budget more efficiently to run improved and optimized campaigns.