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5 Tips to Better Protect your Home

Your home is perhaps your biggest and most valuable asset and you might be willing to go to extreme lengths to protect it. However, you don’t necessarily have to; there are just a few simple steps you can take to better protect your home against intruders.

Install good quality locks

All the doors leading into the house should be secured with high quality, properly installed locks that are not easy to break into. The strength of the lock also highly depends on the strength of the door frame and the hinges so it is important to make sure all these aspects are paid attention to. In addition to having good quality locks installed, it is also very important to practice locking the doors and windows of the house. Many people often do not consider this and thus let burglars in very easily through unlocked doors.We recommend the Ultion Sold Secure Diamond anti-snap lock, as they can’t be drilled and go into a lock-down mode when tampered with/ They will stop a burglar from entering your property!

Anybody who’s possibly trying to break into your home will not like to be seen. That is, they will avoid any sources of light. Keeping this in mind, the surrounding of our home should be well lit throughout the night which can prove effective in drawing away potential burglars. Outdoor security lights are a must have, especially if you live in a neighborhood that is normally dark and does not have any street lighting. More efficient ways to use light include motion-activated lights and solar lights to ensure energy saving.

Security System

If you have some extra pounds in your budget and are willing to invest them in the protection of your home, try installing a proper full-fledged security system. A good all-round security system will include an alarm, a video door bell, CCTV cameras and even motion detectors for accurate and more efficient security. Make sure to contact your local police department and have a security evaluation done of your home to decide which sort of security system will be most suitable.

Keep a low profile

While the outside of a home might seem uninteresting for us, in a burglars mind things like a fancy grill and a big tool kit are indications of even greater more expensive stuff indoors. This is what sends an invitation to criminal minds. Therefore, it is important to keep your outdoor furniture and appliances hidden in a garage or a storeroom so that they are not easily visible to any passerby.

Get a dog

Perhaps the most beneficial and effective security system you can have is a dog. Dogs are naturally territorial creatures that are loyal to their area and to their owners and thus have a natural instinct to protect their homes. A dog in a yard is one of the most effective repellents of thieves and burglars while also providing love and affection to the family. Getting a dog is a good option if you have little children that can have a great time with their canine best friend. A pit-bull or a Rottweiler can make a superb guard dog while also being loving and a great family dog.

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