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5 Best Places in India to practice Real Yog

We all know that recently, India had begun the Fit India Movement on 29 August 2019 at New Delhi. At the event, Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi had emphasised on the importance of healthy living by whole some diet and practicing of Yoga.

Yoga is something that has consistently been a vital aspect of Indian ethos with number of authentic organizations rehearsing and educating it over generations and generations. These traditional yoga schools had been offering a wide blend of meditation courses and which are adaptable as simple drop-in classes. Hence, India has a rich variety of traditional places where you can practice real Yog.

Here’s a complete rundown of those places where authentic practises and methodologies about the most well known yoga concepts are preserved till now.

#1. Pune

This famous IT Hub of Punee is also famous for the genuine studies of yoga from everywhere throughout the world. Here, customary classes in Iyengar Yoga (a type of Hatha Yoga which spotlights on stances) are conducted for all levels and age groups. Unique classes are likewise held for ladies, kids, and those with medical issues. As the Institute accentuates the top to bottom investigation of yoga, understudies are additionally required to have generous related knowledge in rehearsing Iyengar Yoga.

#2. Chennai

Again a famous IT hub, Chennai is the home to the famous Krishnamacharya yoga disciple. It seems as if the progressive IT hubs of India are also the storehouses of spirituality.

  • In Chennai the renowned Yog guru Sh. T. Krishnamacharya had instructed some new yoga concepts to another two prominent yogis BKS Iyengar and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He had built up an individualized style of yoga known as viniyoga.
  • The Viniyoga is in line with Hatha Yoga adjusted to suit various needs. The Heart of Yoga is one of the foundation’s most well known projects. It’s a 120 hour, four-week non-private concentrated sessions of covering key parts of all asanas, pranayama, theories, contemplation, and reciting various shlokas. Vedic reciting and doing pranayama (breath control) courses are likewise offered only here, alongside an extraordinary 500 hour+ International Teacher Training Program.​Many Yoga institutes in Chennai are having ISO certification.

#3. Mysore

The cultural & historic city of Mysore is an abode to the oldest Yog concepts which are kept running by relatives of the adored master Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois, who exhibited yoga there from the 1930s, while in Chennai, up until his demise in 2009. Then there’s an Institute called Ashtanga, which offers continuous serious ​ashtanga yoga classes consistently. These classes are for genuine understudies just, and spots are much looked for after. In some Institutes, it’s important to apply in any event two months well ahead of time. Convenience isn’t given yet there’s bounty to be discovered nearby.​

#4. Bihar

When we are talking about Real Yog, how can we forget about Bihar? Yes, ancient Magadha, now Bihar had been the most renowned centres where yoga has been taught since 1000 years or so. Yog was in veins of the ancient Vedic warriors.

But the modern Schools of Yog in Bihar were established in early 1960s. An age old place of Ancient Yog emphasises on a complete jet packed yogic way of life. A renowned Yogi Sh. Satyananda Yog fuses customary stances, on breathing, and reflection. At the sprawling Bihar Yog schools, yoga is a way of life not a part of training or a curriculum as such. Here, karma yoga is given more priority over basic asana. So close by classes look forward to long stretches of work (administration) including–

  • Cultivation,
  • Kitchen core and
  • House cleaning

This is enhanced by cold showers and a simple vegetarian diet. The establishment has numerous progressing Yog extends in a joint effort with elevated emergency clinics and medicinal associations and is well known as a hub for all yoga searchers. In fact, the food available is safe, pure and suitable for the yogis.

#5. Mumbai

The busiest commercial capital of India, Mumbai is surprisingly home to various Yoga Institutes that are most seasoned as focal points of yoga on the planet. A prominent acharya Shri Yogendraji, a supporter of Sh. Paramhamsa Madhavadasji (an eminent yoga champion from Bengal) has set up various real yog centres. These Institutes, while not being widely known as a portion of India’s best yoga centres, offer a wide scope of phenomenal courses, workshops, and orientation camps. The helpful wellbeing camps are also quite compelling. These mean to conquer explicit vices of your body that pose threats like heart and respiratory issues, hypertension, diabetes, orthopedic conditions, and stress-related issues.

There are likewise exceptional projects for kids and pregnant women as well.

So these are a few lesser known best places in India where you can practice real Yog for life.

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