5 Best IPhone Photo Editing APPS

Technology has advanced in such a way that it’s easy to snap great pictures wherever you go. The iPhone, in particular, has great capabilities when it comes to taking those photos you can’t stand to miss. Once you’ve snapped the photo, how do you edit it to the point that is it a true masterpiece? With one of the following iPhone apps for photo editing. While the iPhone’s built-in capabilities are unlike any other, you can take it a little bit further with the help of an easy to use editing app.

  1. Manual

While the newest iOS software gives you more control over your exposure settings, the Manual app allows you to take total granular control over things like shutter speed and ISO. Capture a longer exposure or shoot fast-moving shots in darker conditions. The Manual app also adds access to things like manual focus, white balance, and exposure compensation. This app is for shooting only though, no post-capture editing allowed.



  1. Photoshop Touch

After the Manual app helps you get the perfect shot, Photoshop Touch gives you the chance to turn it into a masterpiece. Tweak your images with things like saturation, contrast and brightness, and even tone down highlights in your frame.

This app is basically a mobile Adobe workshop and comes with some of the same filtering effects you can get on the full desktop version. Blend two images into one frame, blur a shot, or add a grainy texture. While it may seem like overkill to the average iPhone user, these apps come in handy as the best cameras can move images to a smartphone wirelessly.


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  1. Simply B&W

Color photography is fabulous, but there’s still something about a black and white shot that reaches out to people and grabs their attention. A monochromatic image can accentuate lighting or capture emotion in a way that a colorful one can’t. Black and white photos focus on emotion as they remove distractions that come with different hues in the photo. For making black and white images on the iPhone, Simply B&W is the way to go.

  1. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam comes with a huge list of the classical film looks built into the app. VSCO Cam offers more options for adding film grain and tweaking your exposure. With color-shifting filters and desaturation capabilities, VSCO Cam is on a level of its own. If you want great filter effects from a simple image editor, this is your app.


  1. Replay

Add music and text, throw in filters, trim your moving scenes or add slow motion to a series of moving images with Replay. Pick out photos and clips from your camera roll and use Replay to turn them into an unforgettable series. This app is particularly easy to use and you have the option to buy from a big selection of built-in tools.

Getting the perfect photo has never been easier, thanks to the technology in smartphone cameras and the apps that help you edit and create what you see in your head. Technology makes it easy to turn your vision into reality with little effort and no access to a computer, just the phone in your

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